Guillotine Cross

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A Guillotine Cross is the third job class of an Assassin/Assassin Cross. To attack enemies, they still wield two separate weapons (from Daggers to One Handed Swords) or Katars, but they gain access to new and improved ways of assassination. They can also gain access to new poisons, which other character classes have no known cures for them.

A Guillotine Cross name is often shortened and abbreviated as "GX", where the "X" is like a cross

Job Guides
Below you will find a list of player generated guides to give you a general idea of which stats, equipment and skills work well for this class. It is recommended that you experiment with the class and personalize your build to match your play style.

Guide Type Purpose Author Last Modified
GX Sonic Blow type MvP Type zPunk 03/24/19
Grimtooth Build for PvP PvP Type XxXMelvinXxX 03/24/19
Coming Soon
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