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What are Hero and Elite Hero?

They are one of the many unique features here in DreamerRO. Being Hero and Elite Hero will bring you great experience with the gameplay and give many benefits, such as powerful exclusive Elite Weapons, access to Elite Temple, discounted gears and many more. Once you have reached max level (500/120), you will start your new journey to become one.

Hero Quest

First you have to become a Hero and grind your Hero EXP in order to proceed to the next step. Each Hero will starts at Rank D and you have to work your way up to B before changing into Elite.


Create your Rank C weapon. 12,553,600 Hero EXP to reach rank C.

Create your Rank B weapon. 48,567,000 Hero EXP to reach rank B.

Elite Hero Quest

Before you take on Elite Hero Quest, you must first have 98M Hero EXP, Rank B, and 3,000 Caspen Dungeon Kills.

Elite Weapon

Now that you are Elite it's time to make your Elite Weapon.

Elite Weapon List

Access to Elite Temple

Hero and Elite Hero Aura

  • See Aura for more details

Being Hero and Elite Hero will unlocked aura effects around your character. (Note: These auras give no stats whatsoever, solely for aesthetic purposes)