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Dreamer RO Hero Quest is a unique quest in dRO that allows your character to have additional stats and skill points after reaching level 500. It's like rebirthing your character once again. It also gives you the ability to wear stronger rank equipments.

Quest Guide:

Amount Item Item ID Monsters Best Location
750 Fabric.gif Fabric 1059 Shade Knight, Whispers Royal Chamber
500 Feather.gif Feather 949 Lunatic prt_fild01 or 06
250 Destroyedarmor.gif Destroyed Armor 7069 Tamruan ayo_dun02
150 Trunk.gif Trunk 1019 Willow pay_fild01
100 Skullp.gif Warrior Skulls 7420 Players Buy from player
50 Mittens.gif Executioner's Mitten 7017 Rybio, Phendark gl_prison1
50 Blade lost.gif Blade Lost in the Darkness 7023 Abysmal Knight gefenia01 to 04
50 Illusion.gif Illusion Flower 710 Iara bra_dun02
30 Oblivion.gif Necklace of Oblivion 1008 Rybio gl_prison1
30 Wisdom.gif Necklace of Wisdom 1007 Marse iz_dun02
25 Gold.jpeg Gold 969 Am Mut dew_dun02
10 Ancient.gif Ancient Tooth 1053 Piranha bra_dun01
10 Biotite.jpeg Biotite 7297 Mysteltainn Buy from player
10 Redb.gif Red Bijou 7447 Red Ferus abyss_01 to 04
10 Blueb.gif Blue Bijou 7446 Blue Ferus abyss_01 to 02
10 Greenb.gif Green Bijou 7445 Green Ferus abyss_02 to 03
10 Yellowb.gif Yellow Bijou 7448 Yellow Ferus abyss_01 to 02
10 Fragment hatred.jpeg Fragment of Hatred 7438 Thanatos Odium tha_t08
10 Fragment despair.jpeg Fragment of Despair 7439 Thanatos Despero tha_t07
10 Fragment misery.jpeg Fragment of Misery 7437 Thanatos Maero tha_t06
10 Fragment agony.jpeg Fragment of Agony 7436 Thanatos Dolor tha_t05
5 Emperium.gif Emperium 714 Mineral ein_dun02
5 Young twig.gif Young Twig 7018 Mistress pvp_n_2-2
5 Oridecon.jpeg Oridecon 984 Item Mall ayo_in01 16 80
5 Elunium.jpeg Elunium 985 Item Mall ayo_in01 16 80
5 Heroic.gif Heroic Emblem 968 Item Mall ayo_in01 16 80
5 Starcrumb.gif Star Crumb 1,000 Item Mall ayo_in01 16 80
5 Black dye.gif Black Dyestuff 983 Quest-Creation Buy from player
5 Cobalt dye.gif Cobalt Blue Dyestuff 978 Quest-Creation Buy from player
5 White dye.gif White Dyestuff 982 Quest-Creation Buy from player
5 Scarlet dye.gif Scarlet Red Dyestuff 975 Quest-Creation Buy from player
1 Emperium anvil.jpeg Emperium Anvil 989 Item Mall ayo_in01 16 80
1 Draconus scale.jpeg Draconus Scale 18049 Draconus mag_dun02
  • Go to ayo_in02 100 165. Talk to Sigmund.
  • He will give you the following requirements.

Items Hunting Guide

 Among those requirements the hardest to obtains are the following.
  • 1 Draconus Scale.
  • 10 pcs biotites.
  • 100 Warrior Skulls. (This is also called PVP Skulls not the skulls from monsters).
  • 10 pcs of each Fragment.
 I suggest buying the 10 pcs biotites unless you are willing to wait for a mysteltainn to respawn.
  • alde_dun04 = 60 to 90 minutes
  • gefenia01 = 180 to 300 minutes
  • gefenia02 to 04 = 300 to 540 minutes
  • gl_cas02 = 120 to 180 minutes
  • gl_knt02 = 30 to 50 minutes
 It is faster to farm zeny to buy biotites than wait for those mysteltainn to respawn.
 You can also use deadbranch and wish for your luck that a mysteltainn will be summoned from it.
 Warrior Skulls
 Same with biotites it is much better to buy it from players than collecting them from pvp arena. The usual cost is 1m to 2m each.
 Also it's dropped by seyren in lhz_dun03 (10% chance)
 Note: Warrior Skull description is "A skull in which someones name has been curved".
 10 pcs of each Fragments
 Thanatos fragments are tradeable from players.  
 The best location for hunting this fragments are tha_t05, tha_t06, tha_t07 and  tha_t08.
On those locations thanatos minions respawn instantly after they were killed. On other map there are fake thanatos minions that doesn't drop the fragments.
You can also use deadbranch to summon those thanatos minions through luck.
 1 Draconus Scale
 Draconus scale is a drop from a customize MVP in dRO, same with fragments it is also character bound. Draconus is an MVP that looks like Detale but way stronger.
 There are 2 types of Draconus both of them drops the scale. The Easy one and the Hard one.
 The Hard one can be found in mag_dun02 (mag_dun01 241 241). Estimated respawn time = 3 hours.
 -Some veteran players love hunting this one because of its card. You can ask them to simply give you the scale.
 The Easy one can be found in hero temple.You need to talk to the lady [ayo_in02 92 172] at hero temple and pay 1 billion zeny for unlimited access (until you become a hero). She will warp you to the weaker version of draconus.
 Note: It is not very weak. Just way weaker than the one in mag_dun02.
 Click here for a video on how to kill it.
 After obtaining all of the requirements go back to Sigmund. Talk to him and he will rebirth you to Hero Class.
You will go back to level 1. # +2500 stat points # +108 skill points. # Viri Ignis or Hero Aura ( 3 x 3 splash. 3% atk and matk) lower headgear.

Crafting your Glorious Equipments

After becoming a hero talk to Sigmund again, he will mention the blacksmith Regin at Einbroch.Warp to [ein_in01 28 85] and talk to Regin, he will take the rest of the Hero Quest items.
He will tell you to wait for him to create the items. You must wait 2 hours ONLINE in order for him to finish.

Or simply just exit, re-enter the room, and speak to Regin several times until he gives you those equipments.

Ranking Your Hero Character

 All new heroes will start at Rank D. Here are the ways to increase your Rank
  1. Monster Arena.
  2. PVP.
  3. Caspen Dungeon.
  4. Trial of Glory.
 Note: Monster Arena is the fastest way to rank your hero. It is a map full of monster and you only need to kill them repeatedly. To access Monster Arena you need to finish first the Heavenly Flower Quest.
 Monster Arena Easy Ranking Guide
Heavenly Flower Quest
 Go to [lighthalzen 40 240] and talk to the NPC named Heimer. He will ask you to  find an item called [Heaven Flower].
 Heaven Flower can be found in [odin_tem03] in 3 possible random locations:
Heaven Flower Quest (coordinated)
 This is not a 100% drop rate. So if you don't get the Heaven Flower, you need to reset back to Heimer.

Note: When you click the flower two LK's will spawn. Kill them as fast as you can to obtain the flower.

Ranking in WEAPONS/PVP/WoE
 You can also obtain  hero experience by killing players in PVP arena and WoE.  Not the fast way unless you have a guild who knows nothing but to PVP everyday.
Caspen Dungeon
 Caspen Dungeon is a customized dRO dungeon. Each monster kill gives you hero experience too.  It is not an average dungeon even for veteran. It is not very advisable to rank your character here unless you are a GX.
Trial of Glory
 Trial of Glory is like an arena with 10 levels. It gives experience upon finishing each level. Additional Exp for completing it.