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Follow the step by step guide on how to install DreamerRO on your computer.

1. Go to DreamerRO main page at

2. Click on "Download Now."
Installation download.png

3. If you don't have any Ragnarok game installed on your computer, proceed to 3a, if you have a Ragnarok game installed other than DreamerRo on your computer, proceed to 3b.

  • 3a. This is a full client which once installed and can play right away.

Download Instruction!


Installation full installer.png

Click on Download (you might need to disable your anti-virus before downloading to prevent any corrupt files when downloading).

Installation full mediafire.jpg

Download will start and wait for it to be finish.

Installation full start.jpg

Locate to where you save the downloaded file, in my case its on my Downloads folder and double click it.

Installation full app.jpg

Installation Instruction!

Follow the instruction prompts. To make it easier click on browse to create DreamerRO folder somewhere on your computer that can be easily access and press Extract.

Installation full installation1.jpg

Go to where you installed the application and run dreamerro application.

Installation full installation2.jpg

  • 3b. This is a DreamerRO patch which required to play the game (only download this if you have Ragnarok game installed previously).
Follow the Download Instruction above to get you started.

Installation lite installer.png

Follow the installation prompt and extract it inside your DreamerRO folder.

Installation lite installation1.jpg

Run the dreamerro application to start the game.

Installation full installation2.jpg