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DreamerRO has a Vote4Points (frequently abbreviated as V4P) system that gives good rewards to players who vote for the server. This action can only be done once every 12 hours.

The Vote4Points NPC is located at Caspen 147 211.

Vote4Point NPC

There is also an option "Vote for Points" in the Main NPC, DreamerRO Helper.

Vote4Point Main NPC

Vote For Points Options

  • Convert Points (Converts Vote4Points credits in your account into Vote4Points coins in-game)
  • Exchange Vote Tokens (Opens a list of items available for exchange using Vote4Points coins)
  • What are vote Points? (Displays a short and concise explanation found in-game)

How to vote?

First go to the DreamerRO Web Then enter to the option "VOTE4POINTS" in the right-side panel (marked with red)

DreamerRO Web

You'll need to log-in with your in-game account here.


Now you can vote, there are 6 links, 1 vote = 1 vote4point token. Note: You must log out from the game in order to claim your points.

Vote4Point panel