War Of Emperium

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An hour of siege war between opposing guilds who will battle for conquering a castle. Each caslte has loots that can obtain in a room and dungeons that has mvp inside.

Story: Only few years ago, huge wars between enemy alliances took place in the castles of Midgard. Hundreds of warriors clashing together in the pursuit of wealth, glory and pride. Rumors say there were once over 300 warriors fighting within the walls of the Emperium room... We still hear about those stories of the old days, and while we enjoy the calmness of the peace treaty, deep inside a thirst for war is brewing.

Curiosities about DRO WoE

  • The number of available WoE castles per WoE is 2.
  • One will be 3rd Jobs in a SE WoE castle while the other will be a 2nd Jobs in a FE WoE Castle.
  • Only 76 members are allowed in each guild.
  • Alliances between guilds can be made, it is limited to 3 guilds only.
  • Each castle has a treasure, which can be accessed only by the Guild Master.
  • There is a 30 second cool down to re-enter the castle after the emperium is destroyed.
  • Each castle has his own guardians, don't underestimate their powers.
  • Each Kill inside the War of Emperium awards the killer with 5,000,000 Zeny.
  • The Emperium Breaker receives 250M Zeny Bag when the emperium is broken.

Class Needed

Guillotine Cross - This class is highly need for breaking the emperium due to their high DPS ( Damage Per Second ) hits by using EDP.

Shadow Chasers - They're also a good idea for delaying a guild and very useful in 3rds WoE, their skill ignorance really helps alot and groomy too (groomy can dismount the RK's dragon and RG's Gryphon)

Royal Guard - This class is the breakers best friend, devoing the gx for them to survive the intense damage they might receive. heavly tanky needed on this class.

Rune Knight - A tanky offensive class, highly needed in 3rds due to their dragon breath which can give a guild a hard time to push due to its damage.

Sorcerer - This class plays a support role on the guild wars, due to they can dispell their opponents, cast safety wall on the emperium and land protector to save the gx and rg's life from magic.

Warlock - a class that has huge delaying skills, having a big area of effects skills is really giving the opposing teams a huge pain in a butt, also this class can play support by using ganbantein to the sorcs who's using LP and spamming safety wall on the emperium.

Ranger - This class can make the whole guild delay by spamming ankle snare, land mine and sandman. unfortunatly this can be countered by ganbantein and sightrasher.

Wanderer - This class can also give a headache to the guilds by using " Please Don't Forget Me " running on the whole caslte, everyone will be slowed.

Minestrel - Can play a support class by spamming " Poem of the Netherworld ". if the minestrel has a party with wanderer they can cast the skill " Loki's Veil " which all the skills are disabled.

Arch Bishop - The other support role in war of emperium, using sanctuary to heal the emperium, safety wall and asperio the breakers so that they will have a holy property element in their weapons.

Take Note: Emperium is a Holy Property.

Sura - The temporary leader in the war of emperium, since they can use body relocation inside the caslte, they're the ideal ones to become the emergency ecaller of the guild.

Genetic - getting rekt by acid demo is their forte, also they can help you getting protected by giving you FCP inside the castle if it rans out.

Newbies: being an FCP Slave in a guild is one way of farming zeny, get yourselfs some glistering coat and FCP all the guild members for an hour.

Mechanic - very helpful in 3rds, by using suicidal destruction, only few will survive on this madness.

Gunslingers - We all know their role here, shot and kill.

Coordinates of castles and Timezone

Note: this is server time, kindly use @time.

Castle: Skoegul
Entrance: prt_gld 130 65
Schedule: Wednesday: 21:00 - 22:00 & Sunday: 7:00 - 8:00 Server Time - 2nd Jobs

Castle Treasures:

  • War Supplies [20431] - 75%
  • 500M Zeny Bag [20063] - 50%
  • Bloody Branch 10x Pack [20675] - 40%
  • Pure Oridecon Fragment [22215] - 2%
  • Pure Elunium Fragment [22216] - 1%
  • Keeper's Chest [22417] - 2%
  • Legendary Card Album [22420] - 1%
  • Megingjard Box [22418] - 1%
  • Spiritual Tunic [2384] - 1%
  • Stone Chest [22419] - 1%

Castle: Andlangr
Entrance: prt_gld 150 140
Schedule: Saturdays: 7:00 AM - 8:30 Server Time - 3rd Jobs Enabled

Castle Treasures:

  • War Supplies [20431] - 75%
  • 500M Zeny Bag [20063] - 40%
  • Bloody Branch 10x Pack [20675] - 35%
  • Keeper's Chest [22417] - 2%
  • Pure Oridecon Fragment [22215] - 2%
  • Megingjard Box [22418] - 1%
  • Pure Elunium Fragment [22216] - 1%
  • Legendary Card Album [22420] - 1%
  • Aprika [2541] - 1%
  • Stone Chest [22419] - 1%