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Installation Leveling Up Hunting Missions
Client Commands Changing Jobs Daily Quests
@Command List Earning Zeny Mining System
Job Explanations In-game Stylist Forging System
Stat Explanations Vote 4 Points Hero & Elite Hero
Warping & Teleporting How To Donate Achievements
Getting Equipment Donation Services Battlegrounds
Selling, Buying & Trading DreamerRO Currencies Automated Events
Joining Parties & Guilds Database Casino
Using Storage Monsters Combat Training
Keyboard Shortcuts Cards Fused MvP Cards
Refine, Repair & Card Removal Elements Skin Colors
Socket Enchant Quests Harabah - Elite Dungeon
Enchanting Equipment Skills Custom MvPs
War of Emperium Gems of Power MvP Hunter
Elite Temple
Hero Division
Spirit of Heroism

Third Jobs 3-1

Rune Knight Warlock Ranger Mechanic Guillotine Cross Arch Bishop
Rune Knight.png Warlock.png Ranger.png Mechanic.png Guillotine Cross.png Arch Bishop.png

Third Jobs 3-2

Royal Guard Sorcerer Minstrel & Wanderer Genetic Shadow Chaser Sura
Royal Guard.png Sorcerer.png Duo.png Geneticist.png Shadow Chaser.png Sura.png

Expanded Jobs

Taekwon Soul Linker Star Gladiator Oboro & Kagerou Rebellion Super Novice Doram
TaeKwon Kid.png Soul Linker.png TaeKwon Master.png Ninja Duo.png Rebel.png Super Novice.png Summoner.png