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    Builds: *NOTE: I'm lazy in switching if builds still get the job done* * NOTE: will not explain every little details, you figure it out so that won't take away the fun* *NOTE: some items in mall have similar effects with the ones listed any of those will still do* Top Headgears: +9Satyr helm[2]/Card: Fused Pharaoh2x is still the best recommended, it gives 30% reflect +10 Drooping Maya[1]/Card: Fused Pharaoh is an alternative way, tho you need to have +8 armor to reach 100% full magic reflect. this gives 25% reflect Mid Headgears: Sparkly Candy Coat/Card: Kiel-D01 For damage and aftercast delay to spam and increase dmg Ladybug Wings/Card: Kiel-D01 Lower Headgears: Dragon Aura or any with same effect/Card: Kiel-D01 or Orc Hero for inceased atk from and acd from I rarely get stunned in this instance so I use Kiel Sage Ring/Card: Kiel-D01 or Orc Hero budget friendly alternative Armors: +5 Valkyrie armor/Frus card gives 10% magic reflect and can reach 100% if using +9 satyr/2f.paharroh orleans server maya and cat o ninetail +10 Valk armor/Frus if using drooping maya with f.pharaoh +0-10 valk armor or any armor/Gloom card to use on phase 1 of the instance to kill mobs faster. +8 Magnetite armor/frus card if you will use orleans server with maya use this for the anti knockback Weapon: +5-+10 Death Katar or any other hero katars/ Fused atroce/ Fused Phreeoni/ 2x Abysmal Knight for additional hit and damage Shield: +0-+10 Orlean's server/Maya Gives 55% reflect use this if you are missing on reflect +0will still is good enough tho. +0-+10 Strong shield/Maya if you have surplus on Magic reflect this is more efficient at it reflects 20% more dmg also has anti knockback o.O Garments: +8-+10Albite Garment/deviling is the best option if you're on a budget Glorified Garments/deviling alternative equip for also gives additional 10% neutral reduction Shoes: Sleipnir[1]/ cat o ninetails for 5% reflect and more hp cheap alternative. +0-+10 STR Temporal Boots/cat o ninetails if you're rich unlike me +0-+10 Twilight boots/cat o ninetails 5%atk boost Accessories: 2xAluminum gloves/Ifrit Cards for more hit and attack. Kimi's phantom requires you to have higher hit in order to do damage to her. Stats: *note Feel free to experiment on what suits you * Str: 500 agi: till 195 aspd vit: rest vit Int: 1 Dex:450 Luk: 1 Skills: Dark illusion - Gap closer Rolling Cutter - main dps Exceed Cloak- undetectable by mobs Enchant Poison- poison endow on kimi Venom impress- 50% less resistance to poison on targeted monster o.O Consumables: Mastela- has no cd unlike ygg berries Panacea- for status ailments Poison Bottle: for edp Mechanics: Kimi has 4 stages/phases. here are some tips based from my runs Phase 1 You need to kill 35 mobs in order to proceed to the next stage/phase. Just lure the mobs use EDP and spam Rolling cutter with your gloom armor equipped to kill faster Phase 2 Use Exceed Cloaking so that monsters will not detect you. Just talk to 10 of the workers with no interruptions or chance of dying while on Exceed cloaking. Phase 3 Like in Phase 2 this part of the map are filled with mobs that can potentially kill you. Use Exceed Cloaking and equip auto bolts equips to find Kill Antonio faster. Phase 4 Is the final stage. Put on your 100% reflect build and an anti knockback equip Lure Kimi where you can hit them both so that they will not heal and you can finish the instance. use enchant poison on yourself and venom impress on both kimi's for dmg boost. *This guide is to give newbies an idea to finish a solo run in Horror Factory* Labyuuu guys keep playing DRO
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    Hey there, So I recently started creating models for Ragnarok Online. I only just started and I am very happy with my first results and wanted to show you guys. If you have any ideas, please let me know so I can try and make it For the pros: Please dont hate, I am just a newbie DreamerRO Sign: Demon Portal: Thank you!
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    I tried excluding that cause it can affect the ogh economy if others will spam run ogh :< . Many players will get mad at me if that happens xD
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    thx @kymchi this was my first guide hope I'll get better at making other guides in the future
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    Yep. Pretty much a straightforward way of writing a guide, and I like it. Just a few things though. If you could somehow better arrange the texts and images so reading wouldn't be a bit difficult, it would be great . You could also go easy on the text sizes and the huge emoticons. I guess the other guide was somehow misplaced?
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    On an attempt to draw the entire GM staff members lol.
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    if you want to damage test, @duel is just fine
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    Hello guys! Hope you're all safe and well
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    Well, most guides typically assume that players already know some stuff or the items required come from shops that players are already familiar with. Anyhow, as with the current game status, you can already use AoE skills inside Caspen dungeon. The best one for a warlock or any character that has access to it, is the skill Meteor Storm. You can still follow the guide to some extent, but as with anyone says, if you have better items, use them. You can replace the Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card with a Salamander Card (increases Meteor Storm Damage). If you have enough Skill Delay Reduction, you can replace Expert Ring with Orlean Gloves (has MATK +3%, drops from Bow Guardian in thor_v03), and the Imp Card with a Scaraba Card (dic_dun02). UPPER HEADGEAR Strawberry Cap - Daily Quest NPC Kiel D-01 Card - Daily Quest NPC or buy from players MIDDLE HEADGEAR Neo Artic Wings - DreamerRO Market (@go 49) or buy from other players 30% ~ 45% Delay Wings - Vote4Points NPC, Daily Quest NPC, DreamerRO Market LOWER HEADGEAR Sage Ring - Moose NPC inside the Quest Room in Caspen or buy from other players Sunflower Ring - Buy from other players High Wizard Card - Daily Quest NPC or buy from other players ARMOR Earth Spirit Armor - Armor shop in Zeny Mall (@go 48) Tao Gunka Card - Daily Quest NPC or buy from other players Shadow of Nydhoggur Card - Daily Quest NPC or buy from other players WEAPON Willow Staff / Staff of Sentinel - obtainable from Rank C and Rank B Hero Weapon Quests or buy from other players Celine Kimi Card - buy from other players Necromancer Card - @warp abbey03 Entweihen Crothen Card - buy from other players SHIELD Hodremlin Card - @warp ra_san03 GARMENT Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card - Main NPC >> Warper >> Dungeons >> Pyramids >> Basement 2 Nightmare Mode SHOES Sleipnir of the Gods - Vote4Points NPC or buy from other players ACCESSORIES Expert Ring - Drops from Ragged Zombie @warp abbey02 Medal of Honor - Battlegrounds Equipment Shop
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    All Phantoms in Phantasmagoria are boss type, medium size and Demi Human Vit Def beyond 50 means thanatos card works better on them than ignore def card. Each Vit def beyond 50 means 1% damage for thanatos card. • Upper Headgear - Punk Beanie (or any auto sonic blow headgear, of course)(Obtainable via V4P/holidays quests). • Middle Headgear - Any 25% damage to demi human wings/+30 stats wings (if you haven't got any damage % ones)(obtainable via DQ/V4P/Donation Token). - In case you don't wanna spend DQ/V4P or Donation Tokens you get Peco Peco Wings (20% damage) by using 1 Event Ticket or create them with Moose in casp_in01 58 192. • Lower - Any 60% speed and freeze & silence inmunity aura(obtainable via DQ/V4P) OR (Returner's Flame while you get the permanent one). • Armor - Valkyrie Armor/Exile Armor/Brynhild.(up to you, according to what you chose from cards). • Shield - Strong Shield or Valkyrie Shield (up to you, according to what you chose from cards). • Garment - Glorified Muffler/Manteau (according to your job)(Free after becoming hero and talking to Regin in ein_in01 28 86). • Boots - Sleipnir of the Gods (obtainable via V4P or spend some Z, they must no be sold over 500m) OR (Returner's Boots are better, while you get the permanent ones). • Accesories - Bradium Rings or Medals of Honor (up to you if wanna make BG to earn badges and exchange Thief Class Medal of Honor). • Weapon - As soon as you become Hero you can use Glorified Jamadhar(Free after becoming hero and talking to Regin in ein_in01 28 86) or get a Death Katar(obtainable via DQ or Death Weapon Coupon, this one is better than G. Jamadhar). - Any 1 handed Katar is better than using 2 weapons and cards. - C A R D S: • Headgear Cards - You can choose between 2 Gemini S58(+V.Armor/Exile Armor you're inmune to stun) and 1 Dark Pinguicula/Duneyrr Card OR 1 Orc Hero and 2 Dark Pinguiculas/Duneyrrs. • Armor Cards - RSX 0806(In case you don't use Brynhild or Strong Shield). Ghostring/Tao Gunka/Gloom Under Night(Those other 3 are up to you in case you wanna resist, more HP or more damage to some HHH monsters). If Brynhild (no cards in armor obviously). • Shield Cards - Alice Card (since they all are boss type). • Garment Cards - Wakwak Card (500 STR obligatorily). • Boots - Green Ferus/Egnigem Cenia. • Accesory Cards - Gold Scarabba or 2 Ifrit Cards(in case you wanna kill all the mobs with high flee). • Weapon Cards - 3 Abysmal Knight 1 Turtle General(for extra damage when Magnum Break is casted). -2 Abysmal Knight 1 Turtle General 1 Phreeoni (In case you wanna kill all the mobs with high flee). - 2 Abysmal Knight Card 2 Phreeoni (in case you didn't get Ifrit cards for accesories and wanna kill high flee monsters). - Status: - 500 STR (Max for Wakwak Card) - 158 AGI (for 195 ASPD with Decrease Agility) Use Yggdrasil Dust to remove (ecl_tdun03 drop). - VIT 129 (can be more in case you use scrolls for increase agility and reduce Agi Stats). - INT 1 - DEX 422 - LUK 257 * * Having those stats you'll be able to kill the high flee monsters like Phantom Tsuchie, Symphoria, Musica & Alahia (they all agi up) if you use 2 Ifrit Cards in accesories and 1 Phreeon in Weapon) * * - Strategy: Going in PK Mode gives 100% Heroic Coin Farm (@refresh as soon as you get in the map so you can use your consumables). Heroic Cocktails (Glorified Orc drop) & Infinite Heroic Cocktail (buy in kami_inn 200 200 NPC for 50 Blank Cards), if you decide not to get healing items be careful since you can not heal unless you click NPC or get healed after killing a monster. Do not complain of players killing you or your monters, it's a competition map, no one will take you serious if you post about it. - Go all the way with neutral element, you only enchant weapon against Phantom Winter & Calla (Ghost property). Always remove element because it may affect your damage on some Phantoms and you may not be able to 1/2 shot them. - Avoid Phantom Rad (Reflect will kill you) - If you are encountering several Phantoms, focus on Alahia>Tsuchie>Symphoria. They may kill you if agi up, damage go higher. - Extremely careful against Phantom Xel, he deals around 1.5m damage in 3 seconds. If you don't heal instantly (in case of Safe Mode) you surely die (do not face 2 of them). In case you wanna 1 shot, here's the elements of each one (If you got the OP items I mention at last you don't need to enchant weapon for some of them) Phantom Lucielle (Sura)------------------------------- Holy Lv 1---------- Use Cursed Water Phantom Calysta (Soul Linker)---------------------- Holy Lv 1---------- Use Cursed Water Phantom Mia (Arch Bishop Female)--------------- Holy Lv 1---------- Use Cursed Water Phantom Hora (Warlock Female)------------------- Holy Lv 1---------- Use Cursed Water Phantom DarkneSs (Shadow Chaser)------------ Holy Lv 1---------- Use Cursed Water Phantom Latte (Arch Bishop Male)------------- Dark Lv 3---------- Use Aspersio (Up to you, scrolls are expensive) or no element. Phantom Symphoria (Guillotine Cross Male)--- Undead Lv 4------- Use Asperio/Fire Scroll Phantom Tsuchie (Guillotine Cross Female)---- Poison Lv 4-------- Use Aspersio (Up to you, scrolls are expensive) or no element. Phantom Rad (Royal Guard)------------------------ Fire lv 4------------- Use Water Scroll Phantom Alahia (Rune Knight)--------------------- Fire lv 4------------- Use Water Scroll Phantom Winter (Sorcerer)--------------------- Ghost Lv 3--------- Use any Scroll Phantom Calla (Warlock Female)------------------ Ghost Lv 3--------- Use any Scroll Phantom Chiyome (Oboro)------------------------- Wind Lv 3---------- Use Earth Scroll Phantom Musica (Wanderer)----------------------- Wind Lv 4---------- Use Earth Scroll Phantom Xel (Ranger)-------------------------------- Water Lv 4--------- Use Wind Scroll Phantom Pan (Genetic)------------------------------- Neutral Lv 1-------- Use anything Note: Phantom Xel, Rad, Musica, Winter & Alahia are thanable, you can switch to thana if you want to against them. • THE BEST & EXPENSIVE ITEMS • - +10 Pokemon Master Cap with Violent Coelacanth(or any 25% demihuman damage reduction & auto sonic hat). - Cloak of Azure with Duneyrr(or any 25% damage to demihuman & +20 stats middle). - Dragon Aura/Sage Ring/20% Damage to Medium Aura with Glorified Orc Hero(or any 60%+ speed & ATK aura, in case you don't mind being frozen some times). - Executioner's Armor (+10 STR) with Amdarais Card. - +8 Onyx Shield with Khalitzburg Card/Lilith Card. - +8 Albite Garment with Wakwak Card. - +10 Temporal STR Boots/Twilight Boots with Enraged Cookie Card/Fused Eddga. - Elite Glove & Medal of Honor (Thief): 1 Gem of Sonic & 1 Gold Scarabba Card. - Lv 4 & +10 Ripclaw with 1 White Knight, Echidna, Fused Atroce, Fused Phreeoni. Hope you enjoy the guide and I hope you fast farm in HHH now.
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    For pure elu/ori, you can purchase these from players or at combat coin shop, division shop, event manager in caspen, or at the donation mall at go 49. You can also obtain it through PYL in casino or WOF in Battlegrounds. For the pure elu/ori fragments, you can get these through mining, PYL in casino, or instances like faceworm nest, old glast heim, and horror factory. Around 1-2 fragments per run for OGH and Horror factory. Faceworm Queen drops 1 pure oridecon fragment. you'll need 5 fragments to forge the pure elu/ori.
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    Hope to see more of them!
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    Had 2x Sinovac. Doesn’t feel like anything
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    This is a pretty simple and straightforward guide. Headgear : Whiz Hat /Traveler Hat ( or any Headgear with same effect ) = Siren Card (Ignore 100% HHH mobs mdef ) / Vesper Card Mid Headgear : Magic Rare / Delay Wing =Kiel card / Emperium card Low Headgear : Blue Fairy / Magic Candy Ring = Glorified Orc Hero / Orc Hero Armor : +8 Magnetite Armor / Diabolus Robe = Shadow of Nydhoggur Card / Draconus Card Shield : +8 Book of Toth / +8 Libra Shield = Lilith Card / Thara Frog Card / Alice Card Weapon : Audhumla / Any Rank B weapon = Celine Kimi / Zakudam / Hera / Hera / Celine Kimi / Zakudam / Zakudam / Graceful Margaretha Garment : +10 Rustic Mantle / any +10 garment = Faceworm Larva card Shoes : Twilight Boots / Sleipnir of the Gods =Fallen Bishop Card Accessory = Medal of honor / Specialist Glove / Adamite Pendant / Expert Ring= Siroma Card (Increase Cold Bolt Damage by 25%) Skill : Double Cast Cold Bolt : Just Spam it to any mobs LoL~ Heaven Drive : Use This against Phantom Musica / Phantom ermmm..that ninja (Forgot whats her name) Lightning Bolt : Use this againts Phantom Xel / Phantom Alahia (When she change her element ) Stat Str: 50 Agi:220 Vit:400 Int:500 Dex:220 Luk:156
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    Hi everyone, it's been a while. I'm trying to reignite my passion for playing RO. For sure there's lot of changes in the game, and i don't know how fast i can adapt. I really missed the hero arena, hero arena happy hour, farming mvp's thru bloody branches and the guild events. And of course my guildmates. I'm from Hellarious guild, not sure if it still exist. Our guild leader is known as Arost, one of the legendary players of DreamerRO. See you in game!
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    Need Mora Coins to get set items such as White Wing Set, Judgement Set, etc? Need Sea God's Anger to enchant your Glorious Equipment? Worry no more! This guide can solve your problems HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW? It's simple, just farm in Malangdo Culverts. WAIT, WHAAAT?! Malangdo Culvert is an instance that lasts for 1 hour and has a 1-hour cooldown. Which means, after the instance time is over, you can enter again UNLIMITED TRIES = UNLIMITED COINS/SGA _____________________________________________________________________________________ GUIDE STARTS HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to access MALANGDO CULVERT INSTANCE? You need to buy the "entry pass" called Seagod's Protection from the Special Vending Machine in Malangdo Island (@warp malangdo 218 163). How to get SILVERVINE FRUIT? You can get Silvervine fruit by joining the Battlegrounds (THIS! @joinbg), playing PYL or by doing quests. Where do I go to get to MALANGDO CULVERT INSTANCE? @warp malangdo 135 275 How do I start the MALANGDO CULVERT INSTANCE? Enter the portal and talk to Missing, the Cleaner (with Seagod's Protection in your inventory) Select "Agraham Insulted Me" to reserve the instance. for additional rewards, talk to Albo and take both the daily and weekly quests. Talk to Missing, the Cleaner to enter the culvert. Talk to Missing, the Cleaner inside the culvert. Pick easy mode by choosing "I'm pretty good at delivering bread". Talk to Missing again and choose to start cleaning. When it reaches 5 Contaminated Stems and you did not clean the next drain, you will fail the cleaning stage and Missing will appear. You can talk to Missing again to restart cleaning. You can use any character you want STATS: Str - 400 Agi - 195 atkspd Vit - REST Int - Max Dex - 200 Luk - not necessary EQUIPMENT: (NOTE: All monsters inside this instance are boss protocol) HELM - Any Helm that boosts MAGIC or Blazing Fire Head [Auto-cast level 10 Meteor Storm] with Vesper Card WING - Anti-Strip Wing with Vesper Card AURA - Anti-Stun Aura with Vesper Card ARMOR - Valkyrie Armor or Magnetite Armor with Paladin Card WEAPON - Any 4-slotted weapon with 3 Sniper Cards and 1 Golem Card (I'm not sure if they break your weapon but I use Golem Card just in case) If you use a Sura, use Noble Cross with F.Atroce/Kimi. SHIELD - +8 Libra Shield or +8 Keeper's Shield or +8 Bronzite Buckler with GTB or Rafflessia Card GARMENT - Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card or Antique Book Card SHOES - Any shoes with Fallen Bishop Card [10% MATK] ACCESSORIES: 1x or 2x Mercury Relic with Scaraba Cards RECOMMENDED CLASS: GX BUILD: Rolling Cutter Build with Anti-strip NOTES: DO NOT CLEAN THE DRAINS IF YOU WANT TO FARM. IF YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH, YOU CAN CHOOSE TO CLEAN THE DRAINS AND TRY THE MVP (WEIRD CEOLACANTH AND DARK CEOLACANTH). YOU NEED TO CLEAN 4 DRAINS TO SUMMON MVP IN EASY MODE. IF YOU WANT MORE CHALLENGE, YOU CAN CHOOSE HARD MODE BY PICKING THE OTHER OPTION IN STEP 4 (SEE ABOVE). IN HARD MODE, YOU CAN GET 10 KINDS OF COIN BAGS, INCLUDING THE S GRADE COIN BAG WHERE YOU CAN GET SEA GOD'S ANGER THAT IS USED TO ENCHANT GLORIOUS EQUIPMENT. IN HARD MODE, YOU NEED TO CLEAN 5 DRAINS TO SUMMON THE MVP (MUTANT CEOLACANTH AND VIOLENT CEOLACANTH). THIS INSTANCE NEEDS PATIENCE. YOU'LL KNOW WHAT I MEAN WHEN YOU TRY IT. I will not post my MVP build here. Sorry guys It is not that hard, you just have to discover it on your own. AUTOLOOT LIST: 12612 - Old Coin Bag 12613 - Improved Coin Bag 12614 - Intermediate Coin Bag 12615 - Minor Coin Bag 12616 - S Grade Coin Bag 12617 - A Grade Coin Bag 12618 - B Grade Coin Bag 12619 - C Grade Coin Bag 12620 - D Grade Coin Bag 12620 - E Grade Coin Bag 21449 - Victory Badge 20060 - 100m Bag Gjallarhorn TRY IT NOW!! Please +1 if you LIKE it.... +1 if you DON'T LIKE it.... +1 if you DON'T CARE.... THANKS and ENJOY! :))
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    No, the proc chance and damage from sonic blow hat has been reduced. Therefore the methods above are no longer useful.
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    i share my refine statistic here with pure oridecon: from + 8 to +9 = 10 x trial and the last one success from +9 to +10 = 20x trial and the last one success i bought pure oridecon at vending arena 4b each
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    Useless if you use @duel and @invite. I'd rather have the aura that top 10 PK players had.
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    I hope that the command @pvpmode can be use again for testing damage purpose. I don't know why it has been disabled like 3 years ago. I see that there is no harmful for allowing @pvpmode. I know there was an achievement (Town Fighter, iirc) that gives 10 Warrior skull by killing people in any town. Now the achievement has been disabled. Therefore, I guess it's fine to enable the @pvpmode command. It is convenient for people to test their damage any time and anywhere, not necessary to do it in pvp area. *iirc= If I remember correctly.
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