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    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    No it wont be on the raffle
  2. Hey Dreamers! Another quick announcement to inform you of another quality of life (QoL) patch that was released today. What we hope to accomplish with this patch is to reduce some unnecessary effects, chat spam and improve visibility/usability of certain skill effects. 8/21/2020 Patch Includes: Removal of Pet and Monster talk to reduce chat spam (optional re-implementation below) Alternate sprite for Barricades to prevent players from hiding behind them in WoE/BG A bigger/easier to see Tombstone for wild MvPs A new look for in-game buttons that open inventory, party, guild, skill and a few others. New skill effects for Dispel, Lex Aeterna and Spider Web A new effect for Pneuma, which has a countdown for when the skill will disappear New skill effects for Tarot card to be more descriptive by actually listing thee effects inflicted New look for status ailments such as Freeze, Stun, Sleep, Mute and Ankle Snare A more visible cell/grid high light when hovering over the floor Optional GRFs: The following GRFs are optional and are recommended to those with a slower computer and/or network. While it's not going to fix any lag issue, it will reduce any client lag in populated/high action maps. None of these are required. Use at your own discretion. (Credits to Kawai Rage) Monster & Pet Talk - Re-enables the monster and pet talk, which was removed by default at DreamerRO for spam reduction purposes Hide All Headgears - We have a ton of heavy headgears that need to be downloaded before the map can load. This can further strain an already slow/laggy network. Hide Damage Numbers - This is a default for WoE and BG maps, but it may come in handy in other maps such as STP, HHH and PvP Silent Musician Songs - For those who do not want to listen to Bard/Dancer songs No Water - Removes all water/ocean/lakes from maps. Water effect is heavy on slow computers. Note: May make it difficult for Water Ball users No Trees - Removes most trees from maps. It may help with visibility, not much benefit when it comes to lag removal Extra Zoom - Increases the zoom on maps with limited zoom capability, such as the Casino, Mall and other indoor maps Gray Maps - Removes all textures from maps and replaces it with a plain gray color. It has no grid lines. It can improve client and network lag Townless Gray Map - Sames as above, but excludes all towns (so towns look normal and other maps look plain/gray) Simplified Monsters - This one removes the animation and sound effect of official monsters (does not include DreamerRO custom mobs). It should help with client lag and network lag. Click Here for additional tips and information about different types of lags you can encounter and how to fix them (when possible) All of these optional GRFs will be added to a new "Extras" page in our Downloads section soon. How to Install the Optional GRFs above? Download the desired GRFs Place them inside your DreamerRO root folder (same directory as Patcher and client) Locate a file called "DATA.INI" in your DreamerRO root folder and open it with Notepad Edit the file by writing the name of any newly downloaded GRF at the top of the list under gepard.grf Proceed to re-number any GRF below the one you added Example: To add the No Water GRF and No Trees GRF, simply edit the DATA.INI as shown on the screenshots below.
  3. HaZe

    New Forging Headgears

    Gather your minerals, get your forging hammer ready and prepare to go on a forging spree... The Forging headgears are now available in-game! This update consists of 19 new head gears sprites that can be forged through our exclusive Forging System. The main difference between these new forging headgears and previous forging equipment, is that these items incorporate other features into the mix... not just minerals from mining. We are confident this new update will spice of the current meta and will further increase activity certain core features. The breakdown of new headgears is as followed: 6 Upper Head gears 6 Middle Head gears 6 Lower Head gears 1 Rare (Magic & Melee) Notes: When one of these headgears are forged, you will receive a tradeable box containing the headgear. Once the box is opened, the headgear itself is account bound. (The rare does not come in a tradeable box) Forging skills that increase success forging rate will increase the base success rate listed below. Top Headgears Middle Headgears Lower Headgears Rare Item Blueprints (new) As you may have noticed by the requirements of the headgears above, all of them require items called "Blueprints" in order to be created. These blueprints are acquired through different features such as Battlegrounds and certain instance dungeons. The blueprints are all tradeable, which means those are are not interested in those features can still purchase them from other players. It also means battlegrounds and instances are now even more profitable. Winning a Battleground Round has a 2% chance to get a random Blueprint (Implemented) Completing a Daily Quest has a 3% chance to get a random Blueprint (Implemented) Haraba (Elite Dungeon) has a 5% chance of dropping a random Blueprint after defeating the final boss (Implemented) Faceworm's Nest has a 2% chance of dropping a random Blueprint after defeating the final boss (Implemented) Old Glast Heim has a 2% chance of dropping a random Blueprint after defeating the final boss (Implemented) Horror Toy Factory has a 0.5% chance of dropping a random Blueprint after defeating the final boss (Implemented) Orcs Memory Dungeon has a 0.5% chance of dropping a random Blueprint after defeating the final boss (Implemented) As with every other update..literally everything listed above is subject to change at any time without warning. We may add new ways to get blueprints in the future and/or increase/decrease the chances to obtain blueprints. New to Forging? Read more about it here Special Credits @Irish Heart For spearheading this update and responsible for 99% of its development. The entire staff team and consultants for helping out with the effects and feedback
  4. We think it's about time to spice things up in the server and in BG. We are planning a release of 3rd job elite weapons soon, so enabling 3rd job skills in BG is something that we need to do. One of the biggest complains we hear in BG is that a lot of players are nearly unkillable, or that it takes too long to kill people. We feel 3rd job skills being enabled will aid that problem. In reality, enabling 3rd job skills in BG is something that WILL HAPPEN soon, regardless of the results of this poll. We're more curious on your concerns about 3rd job skills being enabled in the Battlegrounds so we can keep an eye on those issues after we enabled the 3rd job skills in BG. We're not looking for answers like "3RD JOB SKILLZ OP HUHU". We want more detailed responses.. Which skills/effects are the overpowered ones, and why? If you have any suggestion to combat those skills/effects that may cause trouble in BG, please add those to.
  5. HaZe

    iOS & Android Mobile Client [Beta]

    We had some issues with the client but it should be back up and running now.
  6. You've read that right! DreamerRO can now be played on most iOS and Android mobile devices! via XPRO (Cross Platform Ragnarok Online) Visit http://PlayDreamerRO.com/mobile on your mobile device Click the "XPRO" button on the center of the screen Follow the installation instructions according to device Once installed, proceed to open the XPRO App on your device When prompted to enter the Server's name, enter "DreamerRO" Click the "Play DreamerRO" button Log in with your username/password as you would do normally Landscape (horizontal) mode is recommended for better resolution Everything is downloaded "on the fly", so it will take a long time to load maps the first time, as the game has to download the map, npcs, all items before it can load them Playing on Wifi is extremely recommended for faster game play Recommended device specs: Min. 2GB RAM and Good connexion (WiFi or 4G+/5G) with unlimited bandwith. To move/sit - use the joystick on the bottom left There is an auto-attack button on the bottom right (swords) - it basically finds the nearest monster (not player) and attacks it. To unlock the chat window, click the "Chat" button on the top left corner (where the character's name, hp, sp information is located) To re-adjust or set your skill shortcuts, click on the "Shortcut" button on the top left corner (next to the chat button mentioned above) To adjust in-game resolution, touch screen with two fingers and rotate/pinch screen as necessary To adjust/maximize the game's performance for slower connection, click on the "Option" button on the top left corner and then click "Settings" You can decrease graphic details, disable head gears or npcs from loading and other settings here To disable background music (BGM) or effects, click the "Option" button on the top left corner and then click "Sound" The same option button allows you to go back to char selection, exit the game and access to other common options available in client. As many of you may be aware, we have some features that have a cool down set by computer or have dual client disabled to prevent abuse of multiple accounts. Some or all of these features have been made unavailable on mobile, not because it can't handle it, but to prevent any dual client/multiple account abuse. Daily Quests Wheel of Fortune Battlegrounds PvP Arenas WoE Maps Ragnarok online is an almost 20 year old game that was designed to be exclusively played on computers. While we do offer the option to play on mobile, please keep in mind that mobile game play will never be as smooth as playing on a computer. However, we do believe it offers some accessibility advantages while you are aware from your computer. At the very minimum it can be used to log in-game and chat with friends. We discourage any intensive game play such as PvP, WoE, Battlegrounds or Instance Dungeons to be done on the mobile device, as players will never be able to compete against computer users. This tool is relatively new and bugs/crashes are to be expected. We encourage all our players to keep this in mind while they enjoy DreamerRO on their mobile device. Any bugs, issues, suggestions can be posted on this topic. However, the mobile client is developed by an external developer, which means 99% of all bugs/suggestions will need to be solved by the XPRO team and not the DreamerRO team. Some NPC, Monster, Headgear, Job Classes sprites may not show up properly (eventually the DreamerRO team will fix most of these) New character creation should be done on a regular computer Some skill or in-game effects may not show on mobile Auto attack button doesn't target Humans Cannot modify alt+m shortcuts
  7. HaZe

    Variant Rares Update

    Hi Dreamers, It's been a few years since the first batch of Variant Rares came out, and I must admit they have been a great success. Over 75,000x 1 Billion Zeny bags have been spent on Variant Rares so far, and we expect to sink a lot more zeny after this update! What's the update about? We have converted 20 of the latest rare sprites into Variants. That brings the total number of variant rares available to 40! In addition, we've added an extra visual effect to all 40 variant rares. This visual effect is optional and it can be turned on/off via the variant rare seller npc. What are Variant Rares? As you may or may not know, we usually release physical and magical versions of rare items during seasonal events. The effect of these rare items is reducing after-skill delay by 30% and increasing magical OR physical damage against demi-humans by 25%. That means, if you get the magic version, only your magic classes would benefit from that rare. That's where Variant Rare come in. They allow you to purchase 1 rare item that has the ability to change effects into a magical, physical or a stated rare effect. You can change the effect of your variant rare as many times as you'd like for a small fee of 1b Zeny. Discounted Variants To celebrate this update and to encourage more people to purchase these variant rares, we've decided to offer a 20% discount on all Variant Rares. This 20% discount is applicable when converting your Zeny bags into 100B zeny chests. Instead of a 100b Zeny Chest costing 100b, they will cost 80b. This discount will be available until April 11, 2021. What we hope to accomplish with this update is to, obviously, sink zeny.. but also to increase all server activity in features that provide Zeny and lower market prices. For more information about variant rares, as well as a quick preview of all variant rares available, please visit our wiki.
  8. HaZe

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Donation Event You can purchase additional Easter Tokens through donation credits. Each donation credit can be exchanged for 333 Easter Tokens. In addition, every donation credit spent on Easter Tokens will automatically reward the user with a Golden Flower. Read more about Golden Flower usage on the main announcement. Example: 10 donation credits = 3,333 Easter Tokens and 10 Golden Flowers. You can take advantage of this offer by speaking with the Donation Girl NPC in Caspen.
  9. HaZe

    DreamerRO Achievements

    Throughout the 9 years that the server has been online we have been able to create a ton of original content that cannot be found anywhere else. Although can be considered a good thing, we noticed that a lot of our newbies had the same problem in common. There are so many things to do that they did not know where to even start! The new Achievement System is another addition to our extensive collection of custom content, however, this one aims to guide newbies on what to focus on and also gives veterans something to aim for. The Achievement System's goal is to reward our players for progressing through the game and taking part of the key features of the server. There are 4 tier of Achievements, ranging from Beginner, Intermediate, Veteran and Legendary. All of which lead to eventually beocoming a legend and joining the DreamerRO Hall of Fame. Guidelines: All achievements are character bound, even the vote coin one. You can view the achievements descriptions in-game by typing @alist, @achievementlist or the NPC in Caspen. You can check some of the achievements progress by typing @acheck, @achievementcheck or the NPC in Caspen. You can see all your completed achievements on your chatbox by typing @achievements. *** You must ensure to have inventory space to receive achievement rewards. The GM team will not recover lost rewards due to full inventory ***
  10. We're kicking off the first seasonal event of the year with the Saint Valentine's Day Event! For the first phase of the event, our Dreamers will have the ability to earn Valentine Tokens by participating in DreamerRO's core features. These tokens will be used to purchase exclusive valentine head gears, pets and other valuable items during future phases. This event will be relatively short.. so make sure to start taking advantage of phase 1 and collect as many valentine tokens as you possibly can! How to Earn Valentine Tokens: Battlegrounds - 30 Tokens for winning a round, 15 tokens for losing a round Division Events - 300 Tokens for participating (must accumulate enough exp to claim salary) Zeph Hunting Mission - (Mission Level/4) Valentines Tokens Hero Arena PvP - 10 Tokens per kill, 2 Tokens per death (Do not farm, feed or dual client!) Daily Quest - 300 Tokens upon completion of the daily quest Treasure Chest Event - 50 Token for the winner Poring Catcher - 250 Tokens for the winner Goblin Invasion - 1 Token per Goblin kill or 250 Tokens for Killing Goblin Leader Dice Event - 600 Tokens for the winner 500 PvP Event - 600 Tokens for the winner, 50 Tokens for participating upon death Survivor Event - 300 Tokens for the winner Scavenger Hunt - 50 Tokens for the winner Purchasing Valentine Tokens via Donation: For those of you who will want to purchase Valentine Exclusive headgears but don't have enough time to grind, you will be allowed to purchase Valentine Tokens using Donation Credits through the Donation Girl NPC. The cost will be 0.004 credits for each token, which means 1 Donation Credit will give you 250 Valentine Tokens. The second phase of our Valentines Event is now LIVE! You can now begin exchanging your Valentine Tokens for exclusive Valentines Headgears, Wigs and Rare items. These items are ONLY available during the Valentines Event, so make sure to take advantage while they are available. Valentines Shop Location: Caspen 175 215 The Valentines collection consists of: 19 Top Headgears 12 Middle Headgears (3 Rares) 16 Lower Headgears (2 Epic Auras) 32 Wigs We are expecting to add some new Valentines Headgears and Rares during the 3rd phase of the Valentines Event. During the 3rd and final phase of the Valentines Event, we've added some new headgears into the Valentines Shop. The new headgears include : 6 top headgears 4 middle headgears (1 epic) 4 lower headgears (1 epic) 1 new rare item 1 new set (3 headgears with bonus effect) Previews of the Rare Items: Rare Item Effects: Increase Physical OR Magical damage dealt to demi-humans by 25% and Reduces after-skill delay by 30%. (A magical and physical version of each rare is available) Amethyst Wings Cost: 50 Donation Credits or 16,000 Valentine Tokens Bloody Tiamat Cost: 55 Donation Credits or 16,000 Valentine Tokens Violet Phoenix Wings (New!) Cost: 60 Donation Credits or 18,000 Valentine Tokens Heart Piercer Cost: 60 Donation Credits or 20,000 Valentine Tokens Lovebringer Set (New!) Cost: 120 Donation Credits or 32,000 Valentine Tokens Lovebringer's Helmet Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 35% Lovebringer's Wings Reduces after-skill delay by 45% Lovebringer's Aura Immunity to Silence and Freeze status ailments MaxHP + 10% Lovebringer's Combo Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 2% Movement speed + 60% Frequently Asked Questions Valentine Tokens are account bound. The Valentines Event is scheduled to end on March 7. This will be the last day to acquire tokens. All Shops and content will be removed by March 14 at 23:59 Server Time (@time). This is the last day to spend your tokens.
  11. HaZe

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    Should be fixed now. Thanks for your report.
  12. HaZe

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    Phase 3 has been released!
  13. HaZe


    You'll be missed but I'm sure i'll see you around soon enough. Thank you for all your support, both in terms of ideas/suggestions, as well as financial support towards the server. Best of luck in your life
  14. HaZe

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    The last day to earn Valentines Tokens will be March 7, 23:59 Server time. The last day to spend those tokens via Valentines Shop will be March 14, 23:59 Server time. More information will be shared during the Phase 3 announcement, hopefully some time today.
  15. HaZe

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    As a result of some personal inconveniences that delayed the development of the event, we've decided to extend the event for 1 more week. The Valentines Event has been extended until March 7, 2020.
  16. HaZe

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    I said it would be likely we would add SOH, not that it was certain we would. i gave it some thought, and based on the current situation of the server, Ive decided not to add neither SoH or Aura Service to the valentines shop.
  17. HaZe

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    The second phase of our Valentines Event is now LIVE! You can now begin exchanging your Valentine Tokens for exclusive Valentines Headgears, Wigs and Rare items. These items are ONLY available during the Valentines Event, so make sure to take advantage while they are available. Valentines Shop Location: Caspen 175 215 The Valentines collection consists of: 19 Top Headgears 12 Middle Headgears (3 Rares) 16 Lower Headgears (2 Epic Auras) 32 Wigs We are expecting to add some new Valentines Headgears and Rares during the 3rd phase of the Valentines Event.
  18. HaZe

    Donator Exclusive Costume Sets

    The server needs a steady stream of donations to pay for its expenses. We don't want donations to dry up throughout the months just for people waiting for a 3x event. As a result, we only have 3x donation event once a year, which is the Black Friday/Cyber Monday event in Novemeber. You can get 3x donation permanently when donating via Cryptocurrencies. There is a link on our donation page that will describe how to purchase crypto using different payment methods depending on the country selected.
  19. After successfully closing the gap between donators and non-donators with the addition of the DreamerRO Market, the staff team has been looking for ways to increase donations towards the server. Today, we're happy to announce the addition of 15 Donator Exclusive Costume Sets. These sets have no bonus or effect. They are meant to give donators an exclusive look, without giving them any kind of edge or power spike over non-donators. As the name entails, the only way to obtain these sets is via Donation Credits and they are account bound. The sets come in a box and contain 2 costume headgears, one top and one mid. They are already costumes, so players do not need to spend Fashion Vouchers and DreamerRO Tokens to convert them into costumes. For those that familiar with costumes, they are headgears that "hide" your actual headgear. You can wear them on top of your strong headgear, but the sprite shown to the world will be the costume's sprite, not the headgear underneath. Some samples: Click here view all 15 Donation Exclusive Costume Sets
  20. HaZe

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    It's likely, that yes, SOH will be available via Valentines Tokens. Yes there will be an Easter Event No. Those tokens should have been spent on the 2020 event.
  21. HaZe

    Donator Exclusive Costume Sets

    Give it another try now. The fitting room needed an update to accommodate for costume headgears.
  22. HaZe

    Policy On Macros

    Policy on Macros Macros can be bound to specific keys on special kinds of mouse or keyboards, particularly via a 3rd party program, a gaming mice, controllers and keyboards, and will allow for a chain of actions to occur by hitting a single button. We do at this time allow for the use of macros, as long as the player is actually present, and can pass any third party program test performed by a GM or another player in the game. Players must be present at their computer when any actions are being performed by their characters, particularly with regards to (but in no way limited to) obtaining items, adding buffs to other players, automatically attacking mobs, selling items, or farming specific nodes. Automated responses are not considered viable responses to any GM inquiries. Any time a GM contacts you in game and performs a test of any kind, you are required to respond. Refraining from responding to any question asked, or replying with an automated response, is regarded as failing the third party program test and will result in being permanently suspended from Dreamer Ragnarok Online. Allowed Macro Behavior You can use macros to help you cast skills or chains of skills in PvM or PvP situations. You can use macros to help you equip items or chains of items in PvM or PvP situations. You can use macros to help you buff yourself or others in PvM or PvP situations. You can use macros to automatically open gift boxes, use potions or any other usable item in PvM or PvP situations. Illegal Macro Behavior You cannot use macros to farm or kill monsters while AFK or away from your computer. (Skill, Jump, Skill), (Casting AoE repeatedly without moving, etc) You cannot use macros to spam the chat box with messages. (Skills that have a chat message are excluded, ie Frost joker) You cannot use macros to spam clicks on NPC such as healers, refiners or NPCs with visual effects. You cannot share or recommend macros or 3rd party programs infected with malware, key loggers or viruses. The legalized used of macro in DreamerRO is very new and rules are still being observed and being written. If you have doubts about a use of macro that is not mentioned on the above bulleted list, feel free to ask on this topic for clarification or addition of the new use into the list. The rules may change any any time without prior warning or announcement.
  23. Congratulations to YhAbZ02 for joining the Hall of Fame after completing all the DreamerRO Achievements!