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  1. Yakitama

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    Congrats to the winners and great work to the other submissions! IGN: smol tiddie Thank you to the staff for organizing this event! ^-^ Happy new year!
  2. Yakitama

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    Ice Ring submission. Edit: Added a lil effect xD
  3. Yakitama

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    yes dont piss off gommy or he whoop yo ass xD
  4. Yakitama

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    Submission for Gomzinho
  5. Where are all my friends :c

  6. Yakitama

    I'm back, maybe...?

    Been 6 whole years since I've played this game. Honestly, I forgot all my logins and tbh my acc might have been deleted since I don't log on it at all. :'c I created a new acc so, if anyone I know, is still playing this game hmu fam. Also, I might have forgotten some of you guys cause I have the memory of a goldfish. Please don't take offense to that. xoxo.
  7. Yakitama


    I wanted to relog to dRO but I think my account may or may not have already been deleted. :'D
  8. Yakitama