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  1. xeokym

    New Forging Headgears

    cool new stuff
  2. xeokym

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    I have like 10,000+ of EACH loot I'm still doing deliveries with, and yet I ran out of Santa's Magic Dust. I appreciate the NPC loot exchanger where you can trade in the candies for the other candies (and the extra candy drops), and then there's the Raffle ticket for loot exchanger, butMagic Dust is not in the list. No players are selling Magic Dust loot, and I bought all I could off others already of the Blessing loot because that ran out on me while doing deliveries, too. It just seems really lopsided that I have tens of thousands of all the other kind of loot but two kinds got all used up, since I don't control the drop rate or what is requested for the deliveries. It would be great if you could somehow reset the delivery request (even for a small fee or something, like Z100m) so if you keep getting the same items requested over & over you don't get stuck like this. I just want to finish getting coins for a pet, I don't need thousands more of all the loot just because I'm trying to get 3 or 4 powders. Is it possible to help us out with this? I know I'm not the only one having this problem.
  3. xeokym

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Before I use up all my One Wishes, will they be needed for any other things besides just the Paragon clown? I don't want to use them all up gambling if I might need them later on for something else.
  4. xeokym

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Thanks very much Sadie.
  5. xeokym

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Will we be able to catch any of the xmas mobs as pets? Only works when inside Christmas City.Auto cast dark strike and soul strike when attacking.Enable use of lvl 10 AbracadabraNullify Gemstone requirement when using some skills. But Abracadabra says "that skill can't be used in this area" when you go to use it.
  6. xeokym

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    LOL! I kept getting DC'd every time the game overwhelmed itself
  7. xeokym

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 [Ended]

    I just happened to donate $50 right before it started. Is there any way I get get the extra 50 tokens? It was literally only a few hours before it went up.
  8. I haven't done it in ages but I used Glt. Cross too. I forget all the equips I used but I remember Giearth cards and baph jr. hat.
  9. ...ride on mounts with the Boarding Halter in Caspen anymore? They're kinda useless other than looking cool while sitting on them in the main town.
  10. xeokym

    Returning Player Need Help.

    Oh yeah I had the same problem. I can't remember where I got the file from, I just googled for file name, found people in forums with same problem and tried some alternative downloads offered there, until one worked. Same thing with several of the .dll files. I never played a pc game that had so many issues to get it to work right. I don't mean Dreamer RO, just RO in general, both the official one and private servers. Between file errors, missing files, that tiny screen syndrome and other issues with the monitor size and even graphics card issues, it's always a pain in the ass to get working correctly when you first download it onto a computer that has never run it before. Fun fact, when I first started playing RO in 2003, the download took over a week to get. And back then if your connection got broken, it wouldn't automatically pick up where it left off, you had to start all over again! I think there were programs you could get that would file resume but I didn't have one and I just had to leave my pc on for a week while it downloaded, and pray it didn't disconnect. I also still have a CD with the game on it, which I got a little while later. I'm not sure how many people remember that you could get the game on CD at one point. I remember sending away for it, it was free, you just had to pay postage. It's in a cool case and there's neat artwork on the disk so I just saved it. I have the music soundtrack "present disk" too. And a baphomet jr. horns hat
  11. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Phew I got the cards I needed and finished off to get Skelion! I just happened to come along when Trials was open. I never did get the "counting the smokies" one right. The fishing was fun, once it worked for me & I got the hang of it. I did have to buy my way back in lots of times LOL I lost count of how many times I did Paragon, I had to have gone through at least 600 candies but since I was doing it as I got them, I lost count. Easily could have been 800. So 60-80 tries. The only rare I got was a pair of the multicolored Parrot Wings, which is very cool, I didn't have them & wanted them. Made my day! If I'm not mistaken though, I might have gotten them from one of the ten chests in the HoT room where you pay to open treasure chests? I just have the WORST luck at Paragon. I only got fully to the end once and that was the Hylozoist hat I didn't get because of glitch. I did get some great lesser stuff like refined elunium, and a lot of things that will be great to put to use later. I got more Whammys than I care to think about, though. If it was "easy" then it just wasn't my...week. I have 90 raffle tickets, maybe I'll have better luck there. I have to ask this question because I've been wondering it for years. How, exactly, does the Halloween Poring work? If it's secret or whatever that's ok, I don't want inside information it's just driving me bonkers how it decides who kills it. Is it just whoever gets the most hits on it? And does being the last person to kill it have any bearing on that? I killed it more times this year than I ever have, probably about 6-7 times where I actually found and hit it multiple times, & it actually said I killed it. The only loot I ever got was a Gjallarhorn and War Supplies, every time. Is that it? I remember in the past there were times (low %) where it dropped a few things more than the standard stuff. While on the subject I just thought I'd mention this. There were some characters that just constantly stood seemingly AFK for hours. Then I noticed there was one on every corner and they looked similar. It only occurred to me tonight, that they were probably boss lookouts, since you can't warp to specific spots anymore (which is good, made it much more fair). I noticed that late in the game the same 2 or 3 names were scoring more frequently killing the Hallo Poring, and then I realized it was probably someone with multiple clients open who just had a bunch of different characters positioned in the key warp spots so they could basically monitor the H. Poring's slightly predictable warp locations. Maybe the mods already are aware of this, I'm not trying to tell them what to do or anything. Just a heads up, if it matters. Anyway I did have a lot of fun, thanks to all the developers who worked to make it more than just a farm-fest. There certainly were a lot of options! I'm a big fan of pets and the new pets are really cool.
  12. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Oh jeez. I actually only need 18 cards, which ironically I would have if I hadn't sold some to the card dealer for badges before the other NPC was added. I think maybe I should just give up at this point, especially if there's no guarantee it'll open up again. I'm S.O.L.
  13. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Is the House of Trials going to be open again? I just need 23 more cards for skeleton pet I have all the other items
  14. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]