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  1. Vinor

    Atk vs damage?

    Looking at two headgears, one increases physical damage by 25%, the other increases atk by 5%. Which stat would actually do more damage?
  2. 2 card for sale
  3. Vinor

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Can we see pics of what the new sets look like?
  4. I played a while ago and only recently came back and missed a lot. My main is a ranger that has some gear but I'm not sure what I should aim to get next. Currently I have the below: Marshmallow cap Vote union wings (gemini) Porings of balance (gemini) Valk armor (tao, ghostring) Death ballista (thanatos, tg, hydra, hydra) Valk shield (thana, gtb) Asprika Sleph of gods 2 dex mej I have about 30b plus a few quest tokens and battle badges. What should I prioritize next?