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    Ultimate Warlock Pvp Guide

    Credits to OG-Syztem for the original guide. ULTIMATE WARLOCK PVP GUIDE I lost my copy of the real guide which i plan to release soon. Instead i created another one which is detailed. After 1 and half years playing in this server experience, i wanna share some of it by creating this guide. Hopefully someone can beat my Warlock on duel. Been undefeated ever since i created this character. Anyways enough of the crap. WHAT'S ON THE LIST? I. GETTING STARTED II. UNDERSTANDING THE STATS III. MUST HAVE EQUIPMENTS IV. ROCKSTAR STAT BUILD V. WHAT TO USE SKILLS GUIDE VI. COMBO SKILLS I. GETTING STARTED Before Anything else please read this * Understand that this guide works for me, but not for everybody. * Understand that this is just a guide, feel free to change whatever it is that is suitable to you * Understand that this guide is for Donators only, that means expensive items are needed * If you have some corrections, comments, questions please post them nicely. Requirements: * Knowledge on switching equipments * Knowledge on Battlemode * Knowledge on Elemental Properties * Knowledge on Mage, Wizard, High Wizard, Warlock Skill Tree * Must be level 500 * Must be at least Hero Rank C * Elite Hero (Optional) Why choose a Warlock over other class? In my opinion, Warlock is one of the best damaging class in this server. If used properly it can own most classes. In High Rate servers such as Dreamer RO, casting delays isn't a problem at all. If you have proper gears, proper knowledge, proper understanding of elemental properties you can use it right. If you love to kill players with wide range of skills and lots of skills to choose from, this class might be for you. What is/are the disadvantages of a Warlock? * Warlock has really low amount of HP * Magic can be easily nerf/reduce in this server * Other elements can just be immuned to * Warlock don't have the skill Dispel unlike professors * Warlock has really low flee II. UNDERSTANDING THE STATS STRENGTH (STR) Strength affects the physical melee attack power of a character. In case of Warlocks, you need this just for carrying Yggdrasil Berries, Yggdrasil Seeds, Panacea, Blue Potions, Royal Jelly, Box of Thunders, etc. Take note that strength don't increase MAGIC CRASHER damage. This is what Strength does in more detail: * Increases melee attack damage by 1 per point of STR. * Also increases melee attack damage by [sTR/10]^2, where the value in [ ] is rounded down and ^2 means squared. * Increases missile attack damage by 1 per 5 full points of STR. * Increases weight capacity by 30 per point of STR (Note that this only applies to base STR, which is the left value in the status window). AGILITY (AGI) Agility affects the attacking speed as well as dodging ability of a character. A character with high agility not only does more damage but also takes less as well. You will be needing this stat for attack speed and to dodge some attacks/skills like Dragon Breath. This is what Agility does in more detail: * Increases attack speed by about 0.1 per point of AGI; it depends on your equipped weapon, and also the higher your attack speed is, the less effect each point of AGI has on it. * Increases flee rate by 1 per point of AGI. * Reduce spell delays . DEXTERITY(DEX) Dexterity affects how accurate your attacks are, the casting time of your spells and others. The hit rate bonus of Dexterity is point-by-point equivalent with the dodge rate bonus of Agility. This is what Dexterity does in more detail: * Increases hit rate by 1 per point of DEX. * Increases melee attack damage by 1 per 5 full points of DEX. * Increases attack speed by 1/4 the amount each point of AGI would. * Increases minimum attack damage by 1 per point of DEX; your minimum attack damage is just your total attack power minus your equipped weapon's attack power. (Note that once your DEX equals your weapon's attack power, then each of your attacks will do about the same damage; minimum attack damage won't exceed maximum attack damage) * Decreases casting time of skills by 2/3% per point of DEX; therefore, at 150 DEX you can instantly cast skills. VITALITY(VIT) Vitality is a measure of surviveability. It provides a variety of benefits: First, it increases the maximum hit points (HP) of a character, and so this character will be able to take more damage. Having a high Vitality also means you take reduced damage from physical attacks. Vitality increases the effectiveness of healing potions. This is what Vitality does in more detail: * Increases max HP by 1% per point of VIT; this stacks, so technically if you have 2 VIT, then your max HP is increased by 101% * 101% = 102.01%; it may not seem like much, but with enough VIT it'll make a big difference. * Increases HP healing items' effectivity by 2% per point of VIT. * Increases HP recovery power by 1 per 5 full points of VIT (meaning it increases the amount of HP you heal when you stand or sit). * Increases physical defense (VIT DEF) by 1 per point of VIT; VIT DEF decreases physical damage received by numbers (the rough estimate being, VIT DEF = number subtracted from base damage received); the damage actually reduced depends on whether you are hit by a monster or a player, and there are also some bonuses to VIT DEF at certain intervals. * Increases magical defense (INT MDEF) by 1 per 2 full points of VIT (this doesn't show on the status screen, however); works in the same way that INT decreases damage from magical attacks. * Decreases status infliction rate and time...by an unknown amount. INTELLIGENCE (INT) Intelligence is a measure if ability in the arcane arts(magic). It increases the damage of magic spells much as strength does for physical attacks. High intelligence also gives increased spell points (SP), which allows a character to cast more spells for a longer time. Finally, Intelligence reduces the damage taken from spell effects. This is what Intelligence does in more detail: * Increases max SP by 1% per point of INT; just as with VIT, this stacks. * Increases SP healing items' effectiveness by 2% per point of INT. * Increases SP recovery power by 1 per 6 full points of INT (note that you also recover SP even if you are moving, just really slowly); once INT is past 120, however, SP recovery power increases by 1 every 2 full points of INT. * Increases magic attack power by 1 per point of INT (in your status window MATK has a range; whenever you cast a skill that uses MATK to calculate damage, a value from the range is randomly selected). * Increases maximum magic attack power by [iNT/7]^2, where the value in [ ] is rounded down and ^2 means squared. * Increases minimum magic attack power by [iNT/5]^2, where the value in [ ] is rounded down and ^2 means squared. * Increases magical defense (INT MDEF) by 1 per point of INT; INT MDEF decreases the damage received from magical attacks by its value. * Decreases status infliction rate and time...by an unknown amount. LUCK (LUK) Luck raises the rates at which certain randomly triggered combat events happen. Primarily, luck increases your chance of making a critical strike, a normal attack that always hits the target and is not reduced by armor or by vitality. It also increases, to a lesser degree, the chance of a lucky dodge, which is a chance of completely avoiding a regular attack. This is what Luck does in more detail: * Increases critical hit rate by 0.3% per point of LUK (only the integer rounded down is shown in the status window). * Increases perfect dodge rate by 0.1% per point of LUK (same with critical hit rate, only the integer is shown). * Increases attack damage by 1 per 5 full points of LUK (this is for any type of physical attack). * Decreases status infliction rate and time...by an unknown amount (but less than VIT and INT's effects). If you want to know more about STATS check this out If you now understand what stats are then let's get started! III. EQUIPMENTS YOU MUST HAVE: (Where to Equip: Name of Equip (Card) ) Headgear Top: Marshmallow Cap (Kiel D-01 Card) Alternate 1: Black Kaho's Horn (Kiel D-01 Card) Alternate 2: Divine Helm (Kiel D-01 Card) Headgear Mid: Ice Dragon Spirit (Kiel D-01 Card) Alternate 1: Delay Wings (Kiel D-01) Headgear Bottom: Dark Chakra/Immune Fire Dragon (Orc Hero Card) Alternate 1: Dark Chakra/Immune Fire Dragon (High Wizard Card) Alternate 2: Poring Aura (Orc Hero Card) Alternate 3: Night Ring (Orc Hero Card) Shield: Valkyrie Shield (Thara Frog Card) Alternate 1: Valkyrie Shield (Golden Thief Bug Card) Alternate 2: Valkyrie Shield (Maya Card) Alternate 3: Valkyrie Shield (Horn) Weapon: [4] Laevaetin(4 Necromancer Cards) Alternate 1: [4] Staff of Sentinel (4 Necromancer Cards) Alternate 2: [4] Staff of Sentinel (Lord of Death Card, Lord of Death Card, Whitesmith Card, Turtle General Card) Alternate 3: [4] Staff of Sentinel (4 Hydra Cards) Alternate 4: [4] Willow Staff (4 Necromancer Cards) Armor: Valkyrie Armor (Tao Gunka) Alternate 1: Elemental Armors (Tao Gunka) Alternate 2: Spiritual Tunic Alternate 3: Valkyrie Armor (Ghostring) Alternate 4: Valkyrie Armor (Draconus) Garment: +10 Valkyrie Manteau (Assassin Cross Card) Alternate 1: Aespirika Alternate 2: Elite Aespirika (Deviling) Alternate 3: +10 Valkyrie Manteau (Choco Card) Shoes: Sleipnir of the Gods (Fallen Bishop Hibram Card) Alternate 1: Sleipnir of the Gods (Amon Ra Card) Accessories: Intelligence Megingjards Alternate 1: Expert Ring (Yoyo Card) Alternate 2: Expert Ring (Erendee Aebecee or Pneuma) Alternate 3: Ring of Flame Lord Alternate 4: Expert Ring (Imp Card) Alternate 5: Expert Ring ( * Highlighted ones are the primary equipments IV. ROCKSTAR STAT BUILD Mainly use for all purposes, it will just vary on the equipments you will use. (Including Job bonuses) STR: 200 - 250 AGI: Enough for 195 ATK Speed VIT: 120 - 170 INT: 500 DEX: 185 LUK: 200-300 If you have spare might as well put it on AGI/LUK, varies on build. Items needed in Inventory: Box of Thunder Box of Sunlight Panacea Royal Jelly Blue Potion Giggling Box Resist Potions Undead Elemental Scroll Ghostring Scroll Holy Elemental Scroll Yggdrasil Berry Yggdrasil Seed Aloe Vera V. WHAT TO USE SKILLS GUIDE: As i can see, when you are a hero then reset the skills you'll only have 266 skill points. It is not enough to have most of the skills when you are a Warlock. Damn. I will post skills that are needed to learn for PvP in each class. Be aware that you might miss out some prerequisites. Too bad the Skill Simulator is limited to High Wizard only. Mage Class: Safety Wall - Anti melee skills such as Bowling Bash Fire Bolt - Elemental bolt against Earth Property Lightning Bolt - Elemental bolt against Water Property Cold Bolt - Elemental bolt against Fire Property Napalm Beat - Ghost Magic, Anti-GR Soul Strike - Ghost Magic, Anti - GR Thunderstorm - AOE Lightning Magic against Water Property, also if Heaven's Drive isn't working use this Sight - Used for cloaked/hiding enemies, if your enemy is immuned to earth might as well use this Wizard Class: Meteor Storm - AOE Fire Elemental Magic, chance to Stun Earth Spike - Elemental bolt against Wind Property Jupitel Thunder - Elemental Magic, Wind Property, Spammable Lord of Vermillion - AOE Lightning Magic against Water Property, chance to Blind Storm Gust - AOE Water Magic against Fire Property, chance to Freeze Heaven's Drive - AOE Earth Magic against Wind Property Quagmire - Decreases the AGI and DEX of the enemy, negates buffs High Wizard Class: Amplify Magic - Double Damage of Magic Magic Crasher - Useful with status effect cards such as Lord of Death, Whitesmith card Napalm Vulcan - Useful against anti-magic builds Ganbantein - Skill that negates ground targeted spell such as Safety Wall, Land Protector Warlock Class: Soul Expansion - Ghost Property Attack, Useful if your enemy is under White Imprison White Imprison - Imprisons the Target, caster cannot move but can use skills, doubles the damage of Ghost Property Atk Marsh of Abyss - Level 5 decreases AGI/DEX to 30%, good combo with quagmire. If your enemy have more or less 170 dex, they will have suffer cast time. Recognize Spell - Magic Skills deals Max Damage Sienna Execrate - AOE Stone Curse Drain Life - 1000% MATK, Drain 30%, Success Rate 95% , works with Damage Multiplier Weapons Crimson Rock - AOE Fire Elemental Magic which can be reflected by Maya, chance to stun Earth Strain - AOE Earth Elemental Magic, chance to Strip Hell Inferno - Fire Elemental Magic, chance to Burn Frost Misty - 15x15 AOE, Slows down the target, can be reflected by Maya. Useful against immune to earth enemies, if they are hiding just use Frost Misty Comet - 15x15 AOE Fire Elemental Magic Chain Lightning - Wind Elemental Magic, can be reflected by Maya, works with Damage Multiplier Weapons ELEMENTAL CODING: 0 - Fire 0 - Earth 0 - Wind/Lightning 0 - Water/Cold 0 - Support 0, Neutral 0 - Ghost Now it is a matter of choosing skills. It depends on you on what to use what on an enemy. Maybe now you're ready! Time to know some tactics to kill other classes, or if not just match them. VI. COMBO SKILLS These combo's are designed by me. Maybe others are using these, idk about that. Feel free to use another combo if you want. The combo names, i just put whatever names that first flash on my mind. SLOWPOKE Method (Quagmire + Marsh of the Abyss+Frost Misty) Slows down your enemy, and lessen their hit. Just cloak and spam AoE until they die DIE LIKE A GHOST Method (White Imprison + Stone Curse + Quagmire + Amplify Magic + Soul Expansion + Earthstrain + White Imprison) One of the best method i'm using, this is really really good especially on 1v1. Just focus and click on the BM really fast. Use this against healing class like Mechanics, Priest, Sura. ANTI-MAGIC DEF Method (Napalm Vulcan + Soul Strike + Soul Expansion + Magic Crasher) There will be times that you will encounter players who are using the Pure Magic Reduction Equipments. Use this combo against them. It also works for players who are using Ghostring. MISTYRIOUS (Frost Misty + Crimson Rock + Comet) You will be using this against HIDING enemies. When you encounter classes such as Guillotine Crosses that hides and grimtooth and at the same time Immune to Earth use this.Stay away a few blocks, then cast frost misty, then combo it with other Fire elemental magic. He will die soon. RUN AND GUN (Cloaking + AOE + Jupitel) Most basic combo skill that you'll be using throughout your warlock days. * I have some time now so i made a guide, for all those i promise that i will make a guide here it is. Of course i wont spill all my ACES in this guide. I still have some secrets. Please RATE my guide. If the FEEDBACKS are POSITIVE i might create another guide for other classes. Thanks for reading! - Ezra Silvershire
  2. Lucian

    Elite Hero Quest Guide

    Credits to OG-System for the guide. Elite Hero Quest Guide Qualification to be an Elite Hero * Must have 97.7m+ Exp or higher * Must be Rank B or higher Where to Go? 1. Sign-Up to Sigmund [ayo_in02 100 165], he will then tell you if you are eligible or not 2. Talk to Lord Montagu [ayo_in02 103 167], he will then tell you to look for Sir Lancelot du Lac 3. Warp to Sir Lancelot du Lac [caspen 111 262], he will then tell you the requirements 4. After completing the Items, go back again to Sir Lancelot du Lac [caspen 111 262], he will then count your items and then he will recommend you to Lord Montagu [ayo_in02 103 167]. 5. After giving the recommendation letter to Lord Montagu, he will then tell you to find Sir Lionel outside of caspen dun/indent] Requirements to be an Elite Hero [ Quantity Item Name - Dropped by Monsters (Map) [item ID] ] 25 Biotite - Dropped by Mysteltainn (alde_dun04,gefenia01-04,gl_cast02,gl_knt02) [item ID# 7297] 20 Muscovite - Dropped by Tirfing/Ogretooth (alde_dun04,gefenia01-04,gl_cas01,gl_cas02) [item ID# 7292] 20 Phlogopite - Dropped by Executioner (alde_dun04,c_tower4,gefenia01-04) [item ID# 7290] 20 Citrin - Dropped by Chimera (gl_cast02) [item ID# 7295] 15 Rose Quartz - Dropped by Zherlthsh/Zealotus (gl_prison1) [item ID# 7293] 15 Turquoise - Dropped by Arch Angeling (yuno_fild05) [item ID# 7294] 15 Pyroxene - Dropped by Mutant Dragonoid (cmd_fild03,hu_fild05) [item ID# 7296] 250 Poring Cards - Dropped by Poring (prt_fild08) [item ID# 4001] 200 Baphomet Dolls - Dropped by Baphomet (prt_maze03, MVP Arena) [item ID# 750] Strength Control Test 1. Talk to Lord Montagu [ayo_in02 103 167], he will then tell you to look for Sir Lionel 2. Warp to Sir Lionel [caspen 260 270], he will then tell you that you will need to past the Strength Control test. The Test: You need to kill 25 Evil Spirits in 5 minutes and 30 seconds, without dying. But there are fake spirits that LOOK the same, but their names are spelled different. If you kill a fake one, you have to restart the test over again. The map will look like the Bossnia map. Real Spirit name. Fake Spirit names. have fun XD Created by xfoolish After finishing the Strength Control Quest, you will then need to kill 3,000 Caspen Dungeon Monsters.
  3. Lucian

    What are you listening to?

    Unfortunately, I don't think the new forums support the youtube links.. Scratch that, this forum just has a different layout for it and I didn't notice at first. It's under "Special BBC Code", third button on the top left. Post what you're listening to at the moment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeWsSM584h0