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    - Our Defiance -

    Welcome to Our Defiance! Currently Open For Recruitment The family who started 3 years ago, in a town called Payon. We started this family to help others and ofcourse having fun. We wanted a friendly base where we could dual , chill and having conversations. The time has come to become a family again! :) Guild Info: + Friendly and Social + Pvp and Wars + Non –WoE GuildLeaders: + Fristii™ + NoX™ Alliance: Dominance Home: + Dicastes (@go 29) + Caspen (@go 0 ) Requirements and Rules: -Must be Active! -Have Fun -Respect to others -Ofcourse following the rules of the server -Try to help others when they need you -English speaking is a must -No Beggin -Only one char per player , no multiple characters -We prefer main chars Inactive for 2 weeks will result in a kick from the guild.