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  1. K e i l o

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    That was years ago, Ninja nowadays don't work. At all. I've seen people delete their fully Elited Ninjas.
  2. K e i l o

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    I thought that 80% of this servers pvp focus on 2nds so Ninja is still viable, Ninja doesnt need to be mainstream, it just has to work. GS has OP fullbuster when combined with cancerous SG headgear is a nasty combo. TKs are tanks in BG that (rip...) used to be able to use auto SB headgears to kill their opponents. Ninjas cant do anything... their physical side is practically non-existent (may be better with this tweak Haze is adding) and the magic side is a joke. And to make matters worst, Ninjas "Second Jobs (Oboro & Kagerou)" are disabled from 2nds pvp. (if im wrong let me know). Why cant every class be balanced instead of killing a class in order to portray the illusion of balance.
  3. K e i l o

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Aye man can we do something to make Ninja usable again? like i see HaZe tweaking with Huuma but im dealing shit magic damage to people who arnt even fully nerfing me.
  4. K e i l o

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    is there a list of the BG press your luck items?
  5. K e i l o

    Kinship! :D

    i miss the old crew maaaane.
  6. K e i l o

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    i might have to cop me one
  7. K e i l o

    Aegus Store

    no cAp?
  8. K e i l o

    Officially Graduating Zeph Quests (I've made it :D)

    i couldnt do that shit i have never done a zeph quest yet
  9. K e i l o

    Elite Weapon Expert

    1 DTOK IS 3b?!?! I need to come out of retirement!