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    Getting to know this game again, for the umpteenth time. Hoping to make some good friends again. :]
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    Caspen and Prontera though, if you knew where it was at when this server started: You'll find me.

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  1. Nonie

    Hello !

    Welcome Kryscent! Glad to have you back man!
  2. Nonie

    "That name is familliar"

    Glad to be back man! And I still have pics from that meeting. That was a fun meeting. Wish I coulda stayed longer.
  3. Nonie

    "That name is familliar"

    Thank you kindly for the Welcome Back! It feels odd being back. But Glad to have met so many cool people again. I remember why I loved this game! And indeed, I have been "Bro'd".
  4. Nonie

    "That name is familliar"

    Thank you kindly Miyuki! I am pretty excited to be back. It has been so long, there are so many more announcements, automated events, and the response times on @request are absolutely amazing. I sent one last night and I had 3 replies. It was so nice to see the support!
  5. Nonie

    "That name is familliar"

    Thank you both @UntalentedWiz and @Magna Divinus.
  6. Once Upon a Time, in a land so distant, only a few remember. I was once a very active community member to this game, and to these very forums. Likely several iterations long since deleted/removed. I have over the last few years had an itch I wasn't sure how to itch. I kept trying different things, and then it happened. I saw an e-mail from the DreamerRO forums. Calling me back. I tried logging into the forums, and what a success! I was in! I quickly found my calling. I needed to log in and see my wonderful characters in game. Hear the music play as I sway my head back and forth to it, Venture to a few dungeons and kill a few monsters, and remember why I played this game for so long. Why I loved it. Hi. My name is Nonie. I was once a founding player of this game. Having been here day 0 when the server was still in Beta. I was testing the banning commands, and you can see I was banned until November 1st, 2008. Just shy of Opening day. Another good ol' memory, was here. Bringing both GM Shredder and GM Stitch onboard. Stitch had JUST made his account and we were testing the 2@cata dungeon warps. Good times. I am looking to come back, and have great new memories of a game that founded my online career. My presence online is going to of course will be limited to hours featured around the Eastern US timezones. But some weekend nights I might stay up beyond midnight. Some of my character names right now are in my signature. If I can recall my other username for my female account, I'll have more of my names, but for now. I'm just hanging out, having fun and being nostalgic. I will be in search of an English speaking Guild, who just likes having fun. You all can pvp. I don't do much pvp. I'd likely be found to sit in the center of PVP and just idle chat with friends. Game on friends
  7. Nonie


    Sharing accounts is against the rules. Likely your boyfriend may have not responded to the Staff if he was farming, and after so many tries the GM can ban the account. My suggestion is to not give your username or password to anyone, even loved ones.
  8. Nonie

    Long time no see cutie! Hope all is well! MISS YOUUU ❤️

    1. HaZe


      Welcome back nonie! Its been what, 10 years?

    2. Nonie


      Roughly yeah. I got an itch to play again, came to the best server I know. 😛 [Okay. The *only* server I know, but one with good people still on it. 😛