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  1. About Us We’re a PVP Guild We have absorbed the loyal members left from the legendary Technicolor guild and a few that are PVP active from the Ayeds crew. We understand that there is no such thing as a perfect guild. We’re not expecting to win all the time. But we’ll have fun fighting. Rules Don’t do anything that the server says not to do. Especially farming kills, you can join the “funny†guild for that. We won’t rely on level 3 weapons to play well. Guild chat primary language is English, given that we are a multinational guild. This is in consideration to those who don’t understand your native language. Please, NO DRAMA and DEFINITELY NO JUDAS. Go hang yourself from a fucken tree. We value loyalty. Major decisions in the guild like invite and expel are to be decided by all members, or at least the online ones. We’re not a dictatorship, this is a democracy. Leave the trash talk to other guilds. We’re not cheap. If you can’t have fun, don’t play. No blame game after guild/party battles. Base Gonryun (@go 11) or sometimes Caspen Positions of authority Three Kings Empyrean (T)rue ( C )olors Authen(T)i( C ) Recruiting Open for all. In a world of complex threats, our security and leadership depends on all elements of our power - including strong and principled diplomacy.
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    ~ Serenity Guild ~

    • Welcome To Serenity • Serenity is a multi-national guild that targets to become an appealing WoE Active guild that interacts with all the players in DRO community. †Our Vision †• To cultivate a welcoming home for all players • To inspire moments of friendly challenges in WoE and more. • To create value and make a difference. †Our Mission †• To become a great place to be where in people are inspired to grow and learn together to be the best that they can be. • To promote an engaging network of other players and alliances, together we will create mutual and enduring values. • To become a responsible citizen of Dreamer RO that makes a difference by helping the community. • To present well organized WoEBattles that anticipate and satisfy your gaming craves. • To bring the best results from WoE while being humble and mindful of our overall responsibilities. †Guild Policies and Rules †• All Serenity Members (aka SM) members are required to comply to Dreamer RO server rules and Guidelines. • All SM will communicate in English language in Guild Chat as well as here in the forums. • All SM will cooperate together and act at the same time during WoE Battles. • All SM shall not be aggressive after having a losing fight nor be trash-talking on other players or guilds. • All SM shall treat other players like how we want to be treated. • Lastly, don't be a huge pain in the ass. †Expel Conditions †• All SM who trashes our values and beliefs by behaving an inappropriate behavior will not be coming back to the guild with no exception. • Any member who failed to comply the guild rules may get expelled. • Any member who started ran-doming on other players in PvP and come back getting owned, will be expelled. • Any member who have not been online for more than 1 week will get expelled.(You may be re-invited depending on your loyalty level and your excuse for being away.) †Recruiting Policy †• Must be Lvl 500/120. • Must have at least a basic knowledge about WoE, especially the role of his/her character during WoE. • Must be Coordinated, Respectful, and Kind. • Fully Geared and Experience player in 3rds WOE. Note: * If you're a new player, tell us immediately so we can help you out by giving you tutorials and explanation about the server/guild/WoE. †Jobs needed in order of Priority †Royal Guard Ranger Rune Knight Shadow Chaser Professor Arch Bishop Warlock Genetics Sura Gunner †Guild Alliances †Garuda †Our Offer for you? †• A friend, someone to talk to, your support, your comrade, your ally. • A place you can call a home. • Salary + Freebies • BB Events †Guild Inviter(s) †• Sicachu • People with Titles (Rebel General, The Dutchess, Maleficent, The Scientist) †Guild Base †• El Dicastes @Go 29 Serenity's Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/304590603028764/ We're Back!! <3 Sicachu will now be leading the guild. I don’t chase after anyone, If you wanna walk out of my life, then I’ll hold the fucking door open for you.