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  1. Schotto

    Newbie Guide pls

    Sorry to bring it on again but i feel lost too much conntent i guess i can't do the hero/elite quest on a lot of chars easily so here is my question. what is the best char to start with for a pve focused person like me(MVP,instances,quests,dungeons,farm...)? something easy to build and can do lot of things
  2. Schotto

    Newbie Guide pls

    First of all i would like to apologize for my english I dunno if this subject is already treated but i didn't find it so i'm starting it here i would like a guide for bigginers that shows all the aspect of this server (like special instances and how to do them, maybe just some links to others guides that speaks about them) All the currencies all the stuffs that a bigginer should now Specials zones something a bit exhaustive so we (begginers can start fully prepared) thx