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    O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O Welcome to Renaissance! We have been through lots of troubles: item wipes and losses, but as we help each other, we survive. Friends have come and gone, but they will never be forgotten. Here, we are more than just a guild, we are a Family. Would you like to join us? O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O Requirements WoE Capable Willing to Sacrifice for the Guild WoE/Battlegrounds/Stolen Key Active Follows Commands during WoE Decently Geared Loyal O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O The Rules No asking for items repeatedly Asking for help however, is acceptable No killing of guildmates unless you're in a duel or in Battlegrounds We are a diverse group; The use of English is encouraged in guild chat Respect other guilds and refrain from trashtalking Last of all, it's a game. Enjoy it! :D O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O Recruitment We are recruiting members for WoE. If you are interested in joining us, please drop by Amatsu (@go 10) and request for an invite. You may also PM the following people for invitations: Froux Fosset o Shye o RN Atrocity MonsteR KiD CrTrust O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O Current Alliances O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O Renaissance Photo Wall We also have Guild Events! We look forward to seeing you in Amatsu! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O