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  1. Yato Gami

    Battleground Raiser

    I'll hit you up when ever i get online or see ur sura in bg
  2. Yato Gami

    New Player Starting Job/Class

    necessary evil for a friend of mine
  3. Yato Gami

    New Player Starting Job/Class

    PVP: Any that you may find u will enjoy PVE/Grind: Warlock , Genetic or Ranger/GX (for MVP) also RK with DB build Starting point / gear up: 1.) Zeph and DQ as says here where Zeph quest give you raw money $$$ and DQ can provide you gear , cards and etc. 2.)for PVP and as a BG face roller as i am you can use " @joinbg " earn <War Badges> exchange to gear at @go bg or exchange them to Donation tokens at @go mart you can sell Donation tokens to other players i can recommend a trapper coma(U can get lod from DQ 4 of em you should be scary) type ranger , you can also go rg/paladin Sacrifice or SC FSK Full strip PS: Dont forget to acquire Hero / Elite hero since the weapons are good and additional stats If you see an Arch Bishop named Hareta Leila and happened to be a SC strip her she doesnt have anti-strip gear ty
  4. Yato Gami

    Battleground Raiser

    still alive and still BGing all day
  5. Yato Gami

    Rookie Squad

    Join bg
  6. Spam Battlegrounds guys             ( *^* )b

  7. Yato Gami

    Battleground Raiser

    I would love to invite you wheb we meet in bg let me know PS: we really need to revive bg guys raiser or not all those who spam bg is a member
  8. Yato Gami

    What are you listening to?

  9. Yato Gami

    Almost 1 year in DRO

    wait i see you in bg PS:Join us Edit: nvm i saw u are already in mb mb
  10. Yato Gami

    Kinship! :D

    Paimon best girl & best food
  11. Yato Gami


  12. This guy got a warning from @GM Miyuki few days ago before event ended, i just hope he doesn't scare new players
  13. Yato Gami

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Thank you for event!!!!