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  1. Seamless

    Looking for my long lost RO friend Airi/Aireen

    Isn't airin, chocomaho? Edit: nvm, he said aireen is the ign
  2. hi lead. im adesty in ur guild . can u invite me in ur OG club. :)TIA

  3. Hi lead, just wanna inform u my points last week was 97(P e e j a y)+36(BOSSPEEJAY) . tnx IDA told me u forgot the to note it . i was on 5th place (maybe) .

  4. Hi seam . its me SirMerlin i posted for buy 50x 1 bil bag with 1.000 merit last week.

    i hope u read than

    pls send to me with gift mail box or pm me when you come on.



  5. Seamless

    Elemental Immunity guide

    I mean, undead scroll needed a name change ever since implementation. I guess it's not that hard to do? Element resist scroll or simply Element scroll / Resist scroll will do better than Undead Scroll.
  6. Seamless


    I believe there is. look for @Tsuchie at go 2 or go 50 or msg her anywhere you can.
  7. Seamless


    as much as i want honorable guild to be removed(i get stressed out co-leading the guild), i just can't leave the members hanging. Anyway, what can we do? Nobody wants to compete against OG, and i don't blame them. I'm just too rich. I probably can make another guild just to compete against the 2 other guilds. Lol.
  8. hi, i am Sir Ikiu, i wait for reward title and salary, try clik on gift but nothing happen, thk

  9. npc message no gime me salary box , look pls mabe is a error


  10. Seamless

    How to Play DreamRO on RTX 2060 ( need help )

    Most probably. glad you found a fix thanks to the idiot @Aselica
  11. Seamless

    How to Play DreamRO on RTX 2060 ( need help )

    weird, gtx works fine by normal installment.
  12. Seamless

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    nice af. only thing lacking is we need more ( . Y . )
  13. Seamless

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    it's still not sure if all will be added in raffle but as far as all events go, we only get 1-2 new releases each time, and this time we got 2 new sprites and 1 kinda re-animated.
  14. Seamless

    House of Trials GUIDE: general guides and outlines

    #35 doesn't have a chance to go to jail anymore. Jail is moved to #32 #42 crystal collection room with PK on