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    Sura's weapon

    Good day everyone, I'm playing a Sura and I am uncertain of some things. Firstly, I would be playing a FO build meaning an overall build, I've read most of the guides about Sura and most of it says use mace. But in some opinion, they say use Fist. So I'm puzzled on which one to choose, and btw I'll be choosing between Death sword mace and Death fist The stats are as according - Death Sword Mace - Attack 345, additional stats +10 DEX Death Fist - Attack 300, additional stats +10 STR I'm stuck between these 2 weapons on which to choose and is suitable for my build, my main build would be FO [ Finger offensive ] but not asura, due I don't use asura often. I'm asking for help on this guide based on I'm a pvp lover, but not as WOE. Any answers would be much appreciated, thank you!