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  1. Everytime I never convert my 2B Zeny, I get bankrupt at WOF.

  2. Ghost Noctis

    NoX's Models

    Hope to see more of them!
  3. Pfizer first dose giving me really bad side effects, not looking forward to the second dose 

    1. Seamless


      better than having pneumonia or some shit

  4. Back to office tomorrow for 2weeks~

  5. Just had the worst Zephy
    Stone Shooter, Joker, Dark Frame, Frilldora and Pest

    1. Latte
    2. Friday05


      geez thats a nightmareee

  6. My slave char actually got the An Eventful Life Achievement. Honestly, I can't believe it.

  7. It hurt so much to delete a Elite Character.....

  8. I always tell myself to not play Roulette... AND I KNEW I SHOULDN'T.

  9. Miss working from home and chilling with RO music in the background 

  10. Ghost Noctis

    Any old timers around

    Just revived after leaving DRo at 2016
  11. Back to office tomorrow. So today could potentially be my last day here again. But for the past two weeks it's been really fun. Beside the fking roulette.

    1. Ghost Noctis

      Ghost Noctis

      In office thinking of all the 500M box that I am missing 

  12. OMG, after years and countless tries; I finally make my +4 Midnight Helm back to +0. I'm so happy

  13. Ghost Noctis

    The Ghost's Shop

    Please PM in forum with your IGN, I might not be on my seller character today and won't be home for the next 5 hours too!