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  1. Kaitou Kun

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Add White Pimp Hat (20951) on easter shop pls T.T
  2. Kaitou Kun


    I remember HaZe put an adjustments now on STP especially the spawn time of MVP's, it is just that many player just can wipe easily mobs and kill the boss.
  3. Kaitou Kun


    *eating popcorn*
  4. Kaitou Kun

    random server spikes

    +1 please please
  5. Kaitou Kun


    What an OP Baby Crusader and Novice ./shy
  6. Kaitou Kun

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    i think the problem is u didn't use scrolls such as Shadow Armor Scroll, use Gem of SW too so the skill of amda won't hurt so much
  7. Kaitou Kun


    It depends on your Job
  8. Kaitou Kun

    HHH Sorcerer Farming Guide

    use Blue fairy, if u pvp on that shield of evalach wont work
  9. Kaitou Kun

    T H e o S Guild recruitment

    how to join
  10. Kaitou Kun

    Genetic STP cart cannon build

  11. Kaitou Kun

    Royal Guard Guide ( PvE ) - Dicaearchus

    You can use Gem of Vit + Copper Rosary instead of Vit Megs
  12. Kaitou Kun

    New Forging Headgears

  13. Kaitou Kun

    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    Toggle Macro wont work on me
  14. Kaitou Kun

    Royal Guard HHH Grand Cross Build

    Hello there, this will be a pretty detailed guide Note: - This is only Available for HERO and ELITE HERO only. - This build is working for me. - My Personal Build. - This build can only be achieve by player with enough budget to buy this items STATS: STR - 200 AGI - 200 VIT - 500 max INT - rest DEX - between 170 or 200 (Your choice) LUK - ~ EQUIPMENT: TOP - Kiel D-01 Card/Emperium Card/Siren Card Creed Helm (or any headgear with the same effect) MID - Kiel D-01 Card/Emperium Card Rockstar Guitar (+30 Stats Wing with 25% delay) (or any wing with the same effect) Bloody Wings (45% delay) (or any wing with the same effect) Blazing Noxious Shield (45% delay with 8% ATK and MATK) (or any wing with the same effect) Neo Arctic Wings (20% delay with MATK 5% and Add 5% chance to curse by using Storm Gust and Thunder Storm) LOW - Glorified Orc Hero Card/Orc Hero Card Sunflower Ring Candy Ring (or any aura with the same effect) Music Ring (or any aura with the same effect) ARMOR - Tao Gunka Card/Fused Angeling Card/Amdarais Card Malthael's Holy Nova Armor Magnetite Body Armor +8-10 Juggernaut Armor *Note: You need to have at least +8 to maximize the bonus stats of each item (especially if you are using Fused Angeling Card) WEAPON - Fused Dracula/2x Sniper Card/Randgris Card Exodia [Elite Weapon] +10 Old Parasol +10 Glorified Holy Avenger [PK OFF] Alice Card/Lilith Card SHIELD - [PK ON] Thara Frog Card/Hades Card +8 - +10 Onyx Guard (For anti-knock back) +8 - +10 Libra Shield (For anti-knock back) GARMENT - Deviling Card +8 - +10 Rustic Mantle Elite Asprika Keeper's Manteau SHOES - Fallen Bishop Hibram Card/Green Ferus Card Twilight Shoes Sleipnir of the Gods Poseidon Shoes *Note: I would not recommend to use Howling Wind because of it's LOV auto cast ACCESSORY - Scaraba Card/Gem of Safety/Faceworm Combo (Dark Faceworm Card + Faceworm Card) Medal of Honor Specialist Glove SKILL: Grand Cross (main skill) Auto Guard Auto Berserk Reflect Shield Defender Shrink Endure Monster inside HHH which is pretty easy to kill: Phantom Xel Phantom Pan Phantom Rad Phantom Symphoria Phantom Latte Phantom Chiyome Phantom Calla Phantom Tsuchie Phantom Musica Need to Avoid (especially if you are not using Fused Angeling Card to make them Undead Property) Phantom Mia Phantom Darkness Phantom Lucielle ITEMS: Yggdrasil Berry (if PK OFF) Panacea Holy Enchant Scroll Tips and Tricks: - First you gonna lure atleast 2 or 3 mobs at a time - Avoid those 3 Phantom Mobs if you dont have Fused Angeling Card on your build (if you make them a Undead Property, it will be a piece of cake) - You can't use Yggdrasil Berry inside HHH if you are PK ON, but if not you can use it for survivability - Use @esc if you want to jump and @refresh if the items you put on your BM still not showing - Always use Holy Elemental Scroll Comment if there is any question/suggestion
  15. Kaitou Kun

    Overgeared I & II

    I'm IN <3 <3