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  1. Kindly DM me ... thank you.
  2. sammy1

    Atk vs damage?

    It depends on which skills you are talking abt ? Example : Asura strike deals more dmg with atk % items rather than physical dmg items.
  3. sammy1

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    I don't farm. I just buy it !
  4. sammy1

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Thanks for considering it.
  5. sammy1

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    @HaZe @Irish Heart Can u guys implement a one time re enchanting service for them shoes (slip/Tboots), please ? Much appreciated.
  6. sammy1

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    I need blank cards !!! #help
  7. sammy1

    HHH blank cards drop rate

    In general. i just want the drop rate % to increase.
  8. sammy1

    HHH blank cards drop rate

    All that said and done, i just want the drop % to increase. It takes ages to collect them cards since HHH is the only way to earn blanks now.
  9. Hello Dro Team, I have observed that the only way to earn blank cards is through HHH, since no event is happening at the moment. Are there any possibilities to increase the drop % of them blanks since they are difficult to farm nowadays. Too many players are ks-ing and us newbies don't stand a chance. I need to make maiden cards and enchant my AOT's in the future but i can hardly farm 20-30 blanks per HHH. Kindly assist us newbies, @HaZe Thank you for your help and consideration.
  10. sammy1

    pinoys =scammers?

    What is your GLeaders name ? Tell us or just me so that ill watch out for such scammers and protect dro community .
  11. sammy1

    B> Artifacts Of Trails

    B> Artifacts Of Trials. Kindly, pm offers !!! Thanks.
  12. sammy1

    Breaker AOT

  13. sammy1

    Breaker AOT

  14. sammy1

    Breaker AOT

  15. sammy1

    Breaker AOT

    S> AOT (Small atk 10% + neutral resist 5%)