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  1. goonsag


    Got the 2 rares and the set plus a rare of choice and that's with 90+ raffle tickets. P.S. my luck sucks with forging and refining. Never got past +7 using Pure Elus countless times XD
  2. goonsag

    What are you listening to?

    Fitting song in these trying times...
  3. Tried to refine my Obelisk Manteau from +6 to +7 today. Then BAAAMMMM! Obelisk Manteau was taken off. UPGRADE FAILED. Was wondering what happened. Only to find out I put Enriched Elunium in my inventory instead of Pure Elunium. I wanna kill myself XD
  4. goonsag

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    Didn't know I could do this tbh XD
  5. goonsag

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    But you're not killing Amdarais right? Just farming coag spells?
  6. goonsag

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    Someone said this I am yet to try
  7. goonsag

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    but I can kill corruption root with no difficulty and it also has 50 PD
  8. goonsag

    How to kill amdarais in OGH

    yes please haha
  9. I'm having difficulty killing Amdarais using RG sacri build. I always get one shotted with one of his skills I have no idea what hit me. Here are my equips: Upper: Danzo's Bandage Mid: Felicity Wings Lower: White bubbles Aura Shield: Bronzite Buckler Armor: Juggernaut Armor Footgear: Sleipnir Garment: Rustic Mantle Weapon: Exodia(Elite weapon) Accesories: Copper Rosary and Elite gloves Do I have the correct equips to face him or am I missing something?
  10. Does this card effect stack w/ Bubble Gum and HE Bubble Gum? Just asking coz' the card description says it doesn't stack w/ other drop rate modifier equips
  11. Was testing this on my GX wearing an NVG(+4 range) and 1 shamshir(+2 range) but it doesn't seem to modify my damage or proc lex aeterna. Is this card only recommended for rangers?