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  1. sakazuki

    [Bound]-Wkc+KKc Bugged

    I confirm, bound version of WKc + normal version of KKc doesn't work.
  2. sakazuki

    Ayuda para el Sura

    Hola, aqui un veteranoob del dro. Puedes encontrar guias en la seccion guias, pero si aun asi tienes dudas puedes hablarme por inbox si lo deseas "guapura" . saludos.
  3. sakazuki

    Bye DRO

    That god be with you
  4. sakazuki

    Simple macro for skill spam

    Updated link. sorry for the double post.
  5. sakazuki

    Simple macro for skill spam

    I will update this topic later.
  6. sakazuki

    Simple macro for skill spam

    the romedic doesn't work.
  7. sakazuki

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    My opinion on this new update is, some changes are unnecesary and more than change a meta properly, is give op skill and stuff to some jobs (gx, ranger). I will post later a better review about this.
  8. I said: What's the problem? GM Cersei only say the correct, all that u said about Doram, Rebelion, and no choice of build between classes, all that I said include what are you telling in this post, if you don't like the "skill balancing"name it like "Jobs rework" or name it as you want, finally is the same, a lot of things in all jobs need to be changed, improved, added, etc. The only ppl that are not understanding what we're saying are you two. It will take time, the emulator need to be updated that's all, if you don't like this server, there are many full renewal server with many "official" content.
  9. First of all good luck, in any place where you are, now: 1.- Idk the other, but me as pvp consultant I know about this, and yes, Summoner need a improve. As you know this is a private server running on rATHENA (the emulator where dreamerro is running) not all the features of official ragnarok are implemented. The advanced skill of doram it supposed to be implemented already in rATHENA, but need latest revision of the emulator and a specific .lua file, I think it's possible to implement this soon... well if the developers are agree ofc. Rebelion in PvP Are ok, it need a balance in the skill? yes, like all jobs, but right now is good. 2.- Well, this is more about the players in the server, sadly you can't change it. 3.- The same, it's about players, impossible to change it, maybe is better don't mind if they TT at you, is game after all. I know your feel, you enter here to have fun so it's a bad experience find TT players. 4.- DreamerRo is only a game running in a emulator, it's not official, some dungeons are not created yet in rATHENA. Developers in anothers servers customize it, scripting the dungeons, this way take a lot of time and is hard because you need to translate text korean to english, yes lot of work. Not impossible but it's not easy, maybe in a future many new dungeon will be implemented. 5.- Yes, Dreamerro need a big job balance, add elite weapon for doram, another elite weapons for rebelion, nerf some skill, increase damage of anothers skill, repair skill bug, etc, you are right in this part, but also I have to say that any job can kill here, no all are balanced as I said before, but not useless at all and you have many choices, is a thing of learn the mechanic of ragnarok and know how to gear up a job, I can teach you any job if yuu want, and then you can tell me if it's true what I say. I had to resume my response, but i hope you understand that its not easy at all, but I understand bcause I want almost the same that you, maybe haze will wake up soon, I will try to help too. Saludos.
  10. sakazuki

    guys is it ok to upgrade ur armors for pvp? pls help

    For defense purpose... meh, refine is useless because in pvp we use memory of thanatos card (more damage while more vit def have the enemy) or incantation samurai card (bypass all def of normal monster, including players). For requirement to get better effects in some cards or armor that need +8 or +9 refine, yes it's good.
  11. sakazuki

    The Best Axe for This Lonely Smith

    Moonfall with zipper bear cards or atroce if u look for something simply
  12. sakazuki

    Simple macro for skill spam

    Here the download https://mega.nz/file/BFc0lQaR#sG103VU1g5MBBLw73iSpE7-ss6NVZrkzl5Z0bIEWdR0 check the key(s) that you want to use like auto-clicker of skill, like your BM configuration, after that press te button "Activar" at bottom and done. ROmedic Doesn't Work. Now you can spam fast, ez way. Note: Open the macro like administrator in windows. Saludos.
  13. sakazuki

    Job Builds Submissions

    Here I'll post cheaper gears for player who start recently DreamerRO. All stuff are easy to get if you put a minimal effort. First of all, You need to be Hero at least. Ranger Sharp Shooting skill PvP Recommended Stats: STR: 100 (mostly for weight purpose) AGI: 95 (for 195 aspd only) DEX: 500 (main stat for damage) INT: 100 (sp, a liitle more mines damage) VIT: 95 (try to no use this high for thanatos user) LUK: 500 (extra damage, critical important for SS build) Recommended Equipment: Top Headgear: Caballero Helmet (35% reduction demihuman, available in vote4point shop, 100 token) Top Headgear: Evolved Black Valkyrie Helm (32% reduction demihuman, available by quest at casp_in 01 58 192, npc "moose") >>>>>>>> Optional. Card 1: Orc Hero card (10 vit, anti-stun status) Middle Headgear: Melee Valkyrie Wings ( Increase Physical damage to demihuman 25%, 30% less delay, available in vote4point shop, 550 token) It may take time, but it's free. Card: Kiel D-01 card (30% less delay) Lower Headgear: Melody Ring (Increase walking speed 60%, immune to freeze and silence status, available in vote4point shop, 120 token) Card: Kiel D-01 card (30% less delay) Armor: White Wing Suit ( Increase Long Range ATK 2% per refine level) Dropped by Anubis 100% chance, while more refined, better. Card: Tao Gunka card ( max hp 100%, reduce hard def and mdef by 50) Weapon: For Hero rank C; Death Balista (death weapon availabe in bg shop and dm shop, go 36) Weapon: For Hero rank B; Gastraphetes (rank B weapon available by quest) Weapon: For Elite; Quincy Cross (Elite quest weapon) Card 1: The paper card (Inflict 20% more damage with critical atk) or Vengeful eremes ( increase critical atk damage by 25%, perfect dodge +2) Card 2: The paper card (Inflict 20% more damage with critical atk) or Vengeful eremes ( increase critical atk damage by 25%, perfect dodge +2) Card 3: Incantation Samurai card (Ignore normal monster's defense by 100% when attacking, especial for low vit players) or Memory of thanatos card (reduce hard def by 30, reduce flee by 30, enchant weapon with infiltration skill effect, good against player over 60 soft defense) Card 4: Valkyrie Randgris card (add 1% chance to dispell when dealing physical atk, make a weapon indestructible, 10% atk) or Turtle General card (increase damage inflicted on all enemies by 20%) Shield: Valkyrie Shield ( reduce damage taken from water, fire, undead and shadow atk by 20%) Card: Thara Frog card (reduces damage taken from demihuman monster by 30%) Robe: Asprika (reduce all elements atk by 30% available on vote4point shop) or Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb (Reduce damage taken by all element by 7%) Card: assassin cross card (enables level 3 of cloaking) Shoes: Sleipneir of the Gods (increase movement speed, HP and Sp 20% more, available on vote4point shop) Card: Fused Edgga Card (5% atk rate, enable permanent endure, 10% Max hp) Accessory 1: Expert Ring (Reduce delay by 5%, increase sp consumption of all skill by 10%) dropped by Ragged Zombie 10% Card: Gold Scaraba Card (200 atk, -1% HP) or Alligator Card (5% less ranged damage) Accessory 2: Black rosary (Mdef 15) dropped by Abysmal Dark Priest 10% Card: Alligator Card (5% less ranged damage) or Gold Scaraba Card (200 atk, -1% HP) Note: Don't waste in 100% less delay for sharp shooting, 95% less delay is fine.
  14. Otra util guia, buen trabajo amor. P.d: ya no te dire nab