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    Server Condition

    Well, I know it's not fair for some ppl at least, but my point here is not about trying to be fair or whatnot. So what do you suggest to make newbies stay? because certainly, we need some player regeneration, and if ur answer is u can't make ppl stay for me it shows you've already given up on the server as well. Totally agree with this but what I'm trying to do is actually to ignite again the PVP content of this server who's in me and some ppl opinion are kinda DEAD. Some suggestion from me personally are: 1. Guild of the Month: Point base, for example getting Main castle get 3 points while 2nd Castle provides 1 Points. Winner of each month get exclusive GOTM HG (NO EFFECT, LOOKS PURPOSE ONLY) & Aura and expires at the end of the month when the new GOTM announced. 2. Exclusive HG from WOE: Each castle main and 2nd provides unique rare material at % chance drop. Each costume HG (NO EFFECT, LOOKS PURPOSE ONLY) requires a certain amount of rare material from each castle to craft. 3. New BG modes and exclusive "King of BG" costume which also expires at the end of the month when new "King of BG" selected. Let's say 3 winners, 1 for Top BG KILL, 1 for Top K/D Rating, and 1 for Top BG Games played / Points earned within a month. These are few examples of what could be done to motivates more PVP content. Of course, some adjustment has to be made for example reduce max cap of each guild to have more competition on WOE for example. On a side note, implementing this wouldn't affect the overall economy of the game.
  2. exscarlet

    Server Condition

    Despite the rewards being rewarding enough or not I think it's a matter of perspective. Maybe for you, it's rewarding enough while for me TBH I don't care abt the rewards because I go to BG for the rewards, I play BG because it's fun for me its an expression of my hard work for all time I've dedicated my time to gear my character to PVP. Because despite all the things u said it's rewarding and such the fact that BG IS STILL DEAD. I wrote this post because I feel that something has to be changed to accommodate players who did BG for the sake of having fun because as of now I don't see those changes really. BG waiting room update? I've discussed it among a few of my friends and we agree that those changes we're not necessarily important. Not to discredit Nox who already designs the map. But like I've said what's the purpose of getting a new BG waiting room if there's no BG game? I agree that people are getting spoiled in some previous events, and I'm not encouraging the GM team to always implement SOH at every single event because like u said it's just going to ruin the hero/elite hero content but I feel like it's somehow necessary things to help newbies with more option of farming. With 1 SOH it could help newbie farm even better and way efficient either they can make RG for OGH or use it to build PVP char so they could participate in BG and could still experience the fun of BG. which in the long run would also translate to better PVP engagement more ppl would be active in PVP, BG, and such without having to worry abt this "If I don't even have a chance to win, then there's no point in PvP." and stay the whole time in "safe zone" because BG supposed to be fun and enjoyable and I believe with 1 SOH per acc per IP per event is the best option for all parties involved. Disclaimer: I'm saying this not because I need the SOH. I could've just bought SOH right away with 250 Dtoks and I'd still be rich. I'm saying this because I think this is what's necessary to keep Newbies to play because I've seen a lot of newbies joining and never seen them again the next few days. We need some regeneration of players, and I think that's what we need the most right now.
  3. exscarlet

    Server Condition

    Hi, People of Caspen and all of the GM who's hopefully reading my post which the main reason why I posted this topic or discussion so that we (players) or at least me as a player could share what I feel about our beloved server. Some disclaimer, in the beginning, this is pure me and some of my friends POV about the server and I hope it also could represent a bigger group of players. I'm not a donator, I played this server roughly 6-7 Months (since Mid / Late Oct) and I gain all of my fortunes in-game through hardship and grinding. Even though I'm not considered a newbie, and I certainly have enough money to almost afford anything on the server easily there might be some point/statement which I would position myself as a newbie who is new to the server. This is me speaking as a player with 0 background of running a server and I appreciate the effort of the GM team, I know it's hard to manage a server but I think this is a necessary discussion just to express some of my thoughts and like I said earlier hopefully this would represent a larger group of player thus helping GM team to provide some insights of what is the player's expectation towards the server. 1. Core Value of High Rate Server As a high rate server, some ppl would expect a great content of PvP, bg, and WOE moving forward I called all those 3 as PVP Content (PvP, Bg, & WOE). In my personal opinion, the core content that would attract ppl to play High Rate Server is because more often High Rate server could provide intense PVP content that might not happen with a low rate server. And TBH we all know that the current condition of PVP content is kinda dead at this current state is only a few ppl do PVP, very few games of BG, and as Rad said in his post earlier WOE is kinda one-sided. Myself and a few of my friends have tried to ignite the competition in WOE by trying to oppose Feathers / Static / WalkingDead. I appreciate Rad decision to back off from the current WOE because the current WOE system is kinda "toxic" in my personal opinion as ppl looking to join guilds that provide W/L salary and tbh I can't blame them to do such a thing and I can't blame those ppl who's joining those guilds for the sake of salary, it's just purely business. but then this comes down to my concern as a player and from newbies POV, what is the purpose of sacrificing so much time to grind, getting well equipped but in the end, the PVP content is boring, only a few BG games and almost no competition in WOE. Not to discredit the GM team who came up with new PVE content such as Abyss ET, but what I felt here, the updates for PVE content and PVP content are just not balanced. As simple as the currently ongoing event which is Easter event, I know there's a reward for joining bg, but the rewards aren't rewarding enough to encourage ppl to join bg. 30/15 coins as supposed u could get cards, Dtoks, forging coupon from farming. I know there's a 2 hrs window time between each wave for farming easter eggs but then again the fact is BG IS STILL DEAD. From my POV, we need an update on PVP content as we have more than enough PVE content currently. Days are already packed with PVE Contents already, 2x STP in the morning then followed up by HHH, then DQ reset, few hours break in the evening that some ppl use for OGH and other instances, another STP at night, and lastly HHH even all of those PVE content we still have more PVE content such as ED and Abyss. My point is we have enough PVE content already and we're lacking update for the PVP content. 2. Newbies and Vets Gap This server has run for ages thus, this creates a huge gap between veterans and Newbies. TBH I saw a lot of newbies whos coming to the server but then I never saw them again in the next few days and my thoughts abt this issue was there a too much gap and too much catchup these newbies have to go just to be geared. Newbies have to dedicate a ton of hours to grind just to get decent armor such as +8 Jugg or +8 Magne Armor and this was just the beginning. People need a minimum of 300-400B worth of equipment and this wasn't even the top-notch gear just so they could survive in BG or WOE and they still need to grind their elite ranks and kills just to get that 1 character on the highest tier. As newbies, ppl would then calculate how much time they need to sacrifice to at least be able to compete, and in my personal opinion, some newbies aren't willing to sacrifice 2-3 months worth of time grinding night and day just to get 1 char PVP ready because this is a high rate server. I know GM teams have provided us players and especially newbies events to provide easier ways to earning donation hg but then again donation hg only contribute 20-25% from the total gear. Even so, newbies are done gearing 1 of their characters for PVP ready they still need to grind their asses off to make PVE characters earn more money such as RG OGH and such and it's not cheap either. Even for some veterans another event just means another new costume nothings more because we have what we need already, therefore, event hg is just another costume for us without caring what stats does it gives because more often we have the hg who share the same effect already. Coming to the end, in my opinion, SOH during events could be a solution for newbies to encourage them to catch up with the veterans thus make them stay longer in the game. Somehow I understand the reason behind Haze removing SOH during events as it seems to benefit the veterans more than the newbies but I believe some adjustment such as limit 1 SOH per account per IP per event would benefit newbies and won't hurt the server as much as it used to be, because in the server there are tons of account-bound items as well. I think that's it for now what I could think of, I'm really sorry if there's anyone or any group of ppl that getting offended by my post that was unintentional. I hope this would represent some of the players' thoughts towards the server and hopefully, this post could bring a much more positive impact in the future. Feel free to discuss if u agree or disagree in the comment section below, I hope we could discuss much more for better updates in the future. Thanks~
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    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    Hi! I've tried the link both on the main post and it seems didn't work out for me. Is the link still available or is it expired already? Thanks!
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    S>+10 Mr. Hopping & +9 Fox Ear Ribbon -

    3B - 100 Biotite, Inbox me if u agree on the price. Thank You.