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  1. darkrogue

    iOS & Android Mobile Client [Beta]

    This is what you call, "Living the Dreamer Way" ^____^ Live the dream!
  2. darkrogue

    Proposal to merge currencies/shops

    I think this is a great idea, however, it should be done gradually. Based on my observation, different shops with different currencies helped players determine their own pace in the game. It helps them to be in control as to how they will acquire specific items in the game using specific tokens or coins or whatever currency there is. This also helped the newbies to get items they need for their quests or challenges in the game (like head gears and other equipment), and that really is a plus for this server, making it very newbie friendly. I guess these are some pointers to ponder for the merging of currencies: 1. fair exchange rates for the currencies - we must admit, if we are going to have merging of currencies, there should be a system as to how to fairly weight the currency equivalent of old coins or tokens to the new currency like DreamerRO Token that is if this is applicable to ALL shops (Death Match, Battle Grounds, Daily Quest, Donation Mall, Vote 4 Points, etc...) 2. gradually implement the currency conversion - this is like an event where the currency conversion will be in phases, phase 1 will affect this currency first, then move to the next currency and so on and so forth. so that the GMs can assess the situation and will not create confusion which sometimes are factors that may affect gaming satisfaction. GM can implement an NPC that will convert the currency to the new proposed DreamerRO Token Or, simply convert all currencies (except donation tokens) to a universal singular game tickets that can be exchanged to in-game items via NPCs. So, there will only be Donation Tokens and Item tickets. Much simpler aheheheh. The most important thing here is to help players enjoy the game without abusing the system and promote a healthier gaming environment both for newbies and legendary players.
  3. darkrogue

    DreamRO Community rant

    Well, I've been in this server for at least 2 years, and have never been a pvp player in my life as a RO fan for more than years since it started in the Philippines and probably in all the private servers that I've tried before. Maybe it's because of one of the reasons that you also encounter, and I guess you can't blame these types of player. I just find a way of life here in Dreamer server that would make my experience much more fun, and I thank the admin for having this system, Mining ahahahahahaha. Abusive players, you won't be able to eliminate them all, most especially in PvP areas and events (when they kill-steal almost every time). I guess you just got to find a way here in this server, there are lots of ways that you can enjoy this server and have fun with the community. There are lots of players here who are really kind and courteous and would also help you in-game, and I can attest to that when I also started here in Dreamer, and in return I also pay it forward with other newbies (even though some are just pretending to be newbies to take advantage hahahah) Anyways, have fun and hope to see yo in-game.
  4. darkrogue


    by chance lang talaga ang income sa mining pero for me it is very worth it since im not a pvp player and most of the time i just mine and make friends plus hunt when i get bored ahahahahahaha sa isang oras i think i can have at least 2~5b depending on the mine and loots i get... very random but income range is between 500m to 5b per hour for me.. i dont even use mining scripts coz i dont want to hehehehhehe
  5. darkrogue


    biotites lang sulit na eh.. plus forging minerals and gold and other loots... then 100m zeny bags hehehe... courtesy of mining hehehehehe
  6. darkrogue


    hi otilracxdoodz Pharaoh Mines maganda na. Actually kung pag papayaman lang maganda na yung Mayan Mines basta may Money Maker skill and yung protection sa boots para di agad mabasag kasi mahal bumili ng drilling boots Based sa experience, once na naabot ko yung mining level 20, ipunin mo lang lahat ng mga loots na makukuha mo sa mining, especially the ones used for quests and forging. after reaching level 50 mining either sell them to other players or use them for yourself in forging... after that mabilis na pag yaman... already got so many items and bought so many things now, level 104 miner. got more than 500b worth of goods and zeny and i think that is fun for me ahahhahh key to making billions in mining is PATIENCE. wala kang ganun, wala kang mararating...
  7. darkrogue

    Surprise Rare Boxes and Chests

    What about the surprise boxes we get from mining? Is it the same?