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  1. Kymchi

    Pop-up while Vote 4 Points really not required

    Just leave it be. Its not like it's harming anyone. Serves as a good reminder for people to renew their reviews a few months down the road. Me: Reloads the page after voting for each link. Also me: purposely reloads the page just to see Yui.
  2. Kymchi

    Cant Open Guild Storage

    Can be any, but not limited to the following: Someone else in your guild has it opened. Only 1 instance of the guild storage can be opened at any given time. You deleted or someone deleted a character that is still a member of that guild. In any case, what you can do is to make a Support Ticket about this or just wait for a server reboot (no exact time when).
  3. A huge thanks to GM Haze, GM Sadie, GM Chronos, GM Snow, all other GMs, and the rest of the staff that made this wonderful Easter Event possible. ^_^

    1. Tamina13


      Yeah nice event tho 🙂

    2. GM Snow

      GM Snow

      I didn't do much, just the banner but thanks for participating ❤️

  4. Kymchi


    If you farmed early on for the event's duration, you should've stocked up on materials which will allow you to buy several Easter gears/items, which are already good by themselves. Getting bitter over not getting anything from any raffle and then blaming the server for it, is well, pretty childish, regardless of the amount of time/raffle tickets spent. Would you make complains (and then make posts about it) directed at the government (or whatever company is holding it) for not winning a single lottery several years in a row? Would you do the same thing for any game that has RNG in it? This is precisely why an NPC is selling the Rares for Zeny. So players with -9000 LUK in RNG can get the Rares hassle free. I've been playing several games that have a ton of RNG / Gacha built into them. Regardless if I've been playing them for years now, I have yet to get a decent item from their RNG/Gacha system. However, I'm still okay with that because it gets offset by the other stuff I get just by grinding and farming. I'm pretty happy with what I got from exchanging Easter Tokens and if I could get any rares from the raffle, it would just be the icing on the cake. (Thanks to GM Haze, GM Sadie, to all the other GMs and staff that made this wonderful Easter Event possible.) Anyhow, good luck and have fun wherever the wind may take you. ^_^
  5. Kymchi

    [QoL] Custom GRFs and Modifications

    I dunno why you're being like this. Just why? There's no command like that so I redirected you to this page to use the grf file for hiding headgears. Is putting in / installing a simple grf file too much for you? You really need to stop asking for things and expecting it to be handed to you on a sparkling golden platter. Make full use of what's currently available instead of just demanding and complaining all the time. If you badly want that command to be somehow considered and implemented, we have the Features Suggestions section. And PLEASE, be detailed with your suggestion.
  6. Kymchi

    New Forging Headgears

    You sure do love posting your question in unrelated threads. In any case, there's no command like that as far as I know. You might want to refer to this one instead. Next time, just make sure you're posting at the right places. Not like this, posting a question in random threads. =_=
  7. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

  8. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    I believe you were already given a similar response via @request earlier. That said, unless you're very careful, storing expensive/important stuff in a guild storage is a bit risky. Aside from the gstorage bug (which is fairly easy to avoid), you could accidentally invite someone to your guild (instead of like whispering or inviting them to a party) and they could take everything in there without you knowing.
  9. Kymchi

    Warlock Draconus

    Not a Warlock player, but here are some things that you can do. Max out INT (of course XD), put some into VIT (around 300) for survivability, and around 150 DEX for instant cast. You can figure out the rest of the stats. If you're wearing a Returner's Set, you can replace the lower headgear with a slotted one and put in an Orc Hero card there to avoid getting stunned. A Death Staff (from the Daily Quest Shop for 2 Daily Quest Tokens) should help. If you don't have one, just get an Evil Bone Wand from the zeny mall (@go 48) Use a Valkyrie Shield equipped with a Golden Thief Bug card to mitigate some of the damage. Bring a lot of Mastela Fruits and spam these like there's no tomorrow whenever you get damaged. As for the skills you can probably spam Meteor Storm, Fire/Cold Bolt. You can probably stand still but it's better to move around. Just make sure you loot the Draconus Scale before exiting the map.
  10. Kymchi


    Welcome back! Using the logic you're using this time, can't the same thing be said for any item above 80b? If an item is priced 80b or more, dRO is already pay to win? Price of Fortuna Card already went down from 100b to around 90b and even 85b ever since the Easter Event started. Heck, some people are even trying to buy one for as low as 40b. That aside good sir, from the time you made your original post, if only you've been doing Zeph missions continuously everyday until the event started on April 7, you would have made more than 100b to use in buying 1 Fortuna Card. In case you want to argue about this claim, this is exactly what I did in anticipation for Easter event (although I only started farming zeny with Zeph missions only around 2-3 weeks before Easter Event started). And I'm only using up to 2 characters for Zeph. So yes, with just a will to farm for stuff, you can basically get anything that you might want and need. Just don't try to equate free-to-play with free/easy access to anything. ^_^
  11. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Catman Turban Jacket's effect is not being applied. Doesn't add 30 to all stats and 10% to MaxHP.
  12. Kymchi

    New & Lost

    Welcome to DreamerRO! I think these guides might be of use to you and your friends.
  13. Kymchi

    How to leave a channel?

  14. Kymchi

    Genetic Zeph| Daily Quest Farming: Illusion Doping

    Hmm. I didn't really follow this guide. I just remembered someone mentioning which stats and effects improve Illusion Doping's damage, and I started from there. But i ended up with pretty similar equipments. Did some tests on my available items to try and see which gives me the most damage potential. Though I'm happy with my damage (10k ~ 20k+ depending on the monsters), some items on my current build can still use some better alternatives.