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  1. Aselica


    I wanted fortuna for 95% the card art and 5% daily quest B> fortuna 20b
  2. Aselica

    Elemental Immunity guide

    I suppose the name of the consumable is quite misleading
  3. you all be living in 2021 while I'm still at 2008 with my 768p monitor

    1. Jell-O


      same here with my 280kbps internet 🙂

    2. Aselica
    3. Jack


      @Jell-O dont forget u window XP

  4. Aselica


  5. Aselica


    Jesus this thread I actually feel like there's a competitor looming somewhere, planning to challenge OG head on. Not sure where that feeling came from I should start farming again (lol). My 40 points are going to lead us to victory
  6. Aselica

    Honorable Guild

    You tell me, the madman's using notepad when excel's a thing
  7. Aselica

    Good class for playing in android?

    The thing with the chat channels (if you were referring to them: #main, #trade, and #support) is that all players aren't auto-joined to any of these channels upon login. If they send a message to a channel, they immediately join it. However, barely anyone joins these channels because of the sentence above, which means barely anyone would be able to see it. In a way, you could say it's dead No idea on playing via android though, I've never tried it before
  8. Aselica

    SUSHI B/S/T + Farming Services

    I don't know how I missed your reply, apologies Would you take the job if it's for 32k starsand? I suppose it'll be a 16b downpayment If it's too much I can make do with how many you're willing to farm
  9. Aselica

    B> 100 Warrior's Skull For 100M Pls.

    I can sell mine for 0z if you catch March of Silver at either @go 2 or @go 50 just give me a nudge
  10. Aselica

    Hey Y'all!

    YOU HATE COUNTRY ? ? ? Just kidding, we all have musical tastes. Nice to meet you!
  11. Don't hesitate to make another thread if you have another inquiry
  12. I CURSE YOU ALL WITH D   E  A T H   c 0 m a4

    especially you @Latte und @Friday05

    no seriously we have to run I took at least 8 comas today

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    2. Friday05


      LOL really? whoo?

    3. Feurille


      The best counter for coma is to outcoma the guy who does the coma to you. If they are coma'd, they can't coma! #drohax

    4. Aselica


      So if they saw me how much I call you and seam noob and idiot I'd get reported for toxicity

      I haven't experienced being reported anyway, should do it soon

      stay tuned for more dro tips and tricks

  13. Aselica

    New Player Starting Job/Class

    If you're looking for a class that you can use almost anywhere, then I suppose Rune Knight would suit your needs. -Definitely a viable choice in PVP built around either Spiral Pierce or Bowling Bash (or both if you're into that) -Sufficient AOE for farming (Dragon Breath, or even a Storm Gust headgear once you got enough funds) -Usable as an MVP hunter via Spiral Pierce However, you're a new player. I suggest you drop the MVP hunting for now (given that you'd have nasty competition, which would really make it hard for you), and stick to common farming and PVP (<if you want to). In this case, a Warlock would be moooore than enough. A lot cheaper to build than a knight, too.
  14. That makes sense, you ought to use the full client in order to login to the server
  15. Looks to me like you have an issue with your installation given that shadow.spr and shadow.act are failing to load (?) Though my go-to solution for this is a reinstall (which you've already tried) so I'm s tu m pe eed Are you using the full client when you downloaded the game or just the lite client?