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  1. GM @HaZe, can add Goldy Frost Wings and Fiery Vigor? Any chance?!
  2. I saw the shop already!, thanks!
  3. GM @HaZe, does the rare of choice included Goldy Frost Wings?!
  4. Wallace

    Easter Rare Poll 2021

    Pirate King Cape
  5. Wallace

    How to leave a channel?

    @Kymchi, Thank you very much T_T, I didn't know this page. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  6. Wallace

    How to leave a channel?

    The channel is still working fine. is there anyone knows how to leave a channel??? Please, just give me the command, is it @leave #trade, or #leave trade or what else?? Let say I have join the channel, @join #trade. Then how do I leave the channel? What should I type? Is there anyone can tell me command??
  7. Wallace

    How to leave a channel?

    How to leave a channel? Can anyone tell me? I forgot already. Please help!
  8. Wallace

    How to leave a channel?

    Hello people, strongly suggest people to type @join #trade in the whispering box. Since there are high demands in trading during seasonal events. i know how to join the channel, but i forgot how to leave it. Can anyone tell me please. It will do great for all players during this moment.
  9. Wallace


    See you in Halloween and Christmas <3 !
  10. Wallace

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Wow~ Giant Cat Bag O.o
  11. Wallace

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Hello GM @Irish Heart! I hope there is a Converter NPC which enables player to convert their Easter Cards to Wood Rosary. Since most players have extra Easter cards and nowhere to use. Or is there any extra usage for Easter Cards? Just like the last year Christmas event, players need those event cards to purchase Spirit of Heroism.
  12. Wallace

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    @Irish Heart GM, is there any chance that Wood Rosary can be purchase using Easter token in future phase?
  13. Wallace

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    New adventure begins here
  14. Wallace

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    Will there be any event mobs in future phase?
  15. Wallace

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    Will there be SOH in this event?