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  1. Meteora


    Here we go again, looks like it's time for round two
  2. Meteora

    Sorcerer Guide by Antimatter- | Renewal

    hi Is it still possible to play full-support sorc (either @ BG or HA)? If so, are there any tips you could give? I feel like it's too hard to withstand damage at the moment
  3. Meteora

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Hello. A weird way to greet somebody, but hello. Yes, the Arch Bishop that was helping me the other day. I honestly thought you were just a know-it-all stuck-up rat, but I stand corrected. I will come to you if I need help.
  4. Meteora

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Hello. Name's chelly. I'm a new player. Pleasure to meet you all.
  5. gms pleaeaeseeae /help /help youre all supposed to be at our beck and call so you should spoon-feed all of us since our problems take precedence over your life

    call me a retarded white knight or whatever, but you're all jumping to conclusions by accusing them of apathy, i swear

    1. zero998


      theyve ditched us completely

  6. Meteora

    The Super Soldier Project

    That pvp competency bar/standard had me straying away (lol). Regardless, this is an endeavor I'm looking forward to seeing in fruition. take my +1
  7. next aspiring writers event when

  8. College                    24750
          Cash                             14250
          Time                             8000
          dRO                              2500
    *to record my being alive'nt

  9. johnny johnny yes papa

    eating sugar? no papa

    telling lies? no papa

    open your mouth

    HA HA hAA

  10. Meteora

    about thanatos card def

    no, if your vit def is 120 then you'll get shredded by thanatos users. aim for around 45 vit def
  11. Meteora

    about thanatos card def

    45 is the balanced def (correct me if i'm wrong), so higher than 45 is more damage from thana. lower than 45 is less damage from thana. tao gunka only reduces hard def/equip def, and not soft def/vit def.
  12. Meteora

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    I DIDNT SEE THIS Dear lord, is Evil Spirit Glove restricted for SN? NO PLS also take me to raids pls edit: i bring luck and 100% clear
  13. I haven't been listening to sophisticated music in such a long time. I think it's about time I step up my game, and listen to my favorite classics once more. Perhaps Ivan Dorin would light up a fire in me.