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  1. NewbieGuys

    Aaron's Store

    Holy nova armor..offer
  2. NewbieGuys

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    Well, im staying for the fact, religion is not something to make fun, and the thing i mention there is the purpose to avoid it, it will bring some serious matter or toxic community. As i mention before, true believer cant be chill if they see their religion insulted by others.
  3. NewbieGuys

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    How about some person insult your religion? Its good thing if you just see and laugh about it? Our world have rule about it, DRO must have it too, same like we insult pinoy and be racism, all of pinoy here will be butthurt and GM act really quick to close thread, so where is fairness here? I think religion is bigger than races, must be more strict otherwise others will do it too to the christian,buddism,jewish and so on, this will be never end.
  4. NewbieGuys

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    I think bring some religous thing in here is type of racist, religous is not to be laugh or making fun, its very sensitive to the believer, hope you remove it away as it can trigger the anger. As i know DRO has rule about it.
  5. NewbieGuys

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    OMG..you shared the build..im pretty sure they will change the mobs/boss to be more hard, or other form to force us to do it with party..
  6. NewbieGuys

    Player Malaysia 2020

    Jack dengan Ann rupanya Malaysian... WOE sekarang vet masih berhimpun ramai2 dalam satu merging guild ker ? Atau dah berpecah dan lawan sesama sendiri ? Aku dah kurang aktif sekarang sejak sedar yang WOE server ni satu group vets je yang kawal..
  7. NewbieGuys

    Glacial Wolf Battleground Set

    Helo sir Haze..is that really you in a facebook group page? He promote about DRO event in there..
  8. NewbieGuys

    DreamRO Community rant

    Im agree with u the guys u mention is really like to bully newbie or anyone which is not with them..for me there is nothing wrong with killing nonstop the others without any mercy..atleast in any RO rules... But man..its just show how low-class mentality this type of people and i can guarantee most of them not really educated in real life...as they act in game like they do in real life...and we all know many of pinoys are poor and unethically..
  9. With the case of CHW card now not longer stack with glorious ring, i think that magic class will get better to do damage in PVP especially in open or team vs team arena From my little experience fighting with magic type class, they are actually more hard to be nerf than physical class, especially in 3rd job For example, melee damage so easy to be nerf or reflect just by using safety wall/KY or stacking reflect damage Range damage easily nerf by pneuma or KY or ninja tatami But if i want to nerf magic damage, especially bolt type with double cast or ninja, i need to sacrify damage and demi human redux to stacking element resist or it will be so much pain Im manage to get 65% demi redux with 80% element resist by undead scroll help without sacrify damage, but its still too much pain from ninja magic or bolt type damager. Im also in a risk of dispell and no status resist except stun How about ur guys experience? Its same or its me dont have enough knowledge to counter magic class?
  10. I hope there is more honorable guild to be add..so alot newbie will make server more active and not fast give up agains vets
  11. NewbieGuys

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    Agree just close WOE and no more free fortune treasure when some group of old player keep monopoly server WOE. No guild can match them if most of best players together in the same and merging guild
  12. NewbieGuys

    Changelog ...

    Yes im agree with u...for now its better thing than previous situation...u re rite..its more like coperate without party...because we people really dont want to share the loot with each other...why we want to share if we can get it all alone? Its like RG kill echidna,Rk kill hera and Gx kill lilith and siren. All of them soloing and get loot alone.. And lastly hades only can killed by GX..get all the loot alone I dun know if this phenomenon is look healthy by admin.. If this what they really want..so i can say GM sadie is succesful in last update
  13. NewbieGuys

    Changelog ...

    Its funny when i tell u about what happen there...and u think i have problem with them...im seriously dont have problem with GX killing hades..i just telling u that party raid not needed to kill hades...its enough with two GX..so ur suggestion to make party for hades is nonsense...no one will ever think to make party of 3 or 4 person and sharing loot if they can go ramboooo and auto sb hades..then get all the loot..we people tend to be greed u know. But if administration think all of this is good for server...go ahead...im done with my thought
  14. NewbieGuys

    Changelog ...

    Before i answer u, i will tell u this current situation in HHH. I think what vet or senior player said about MVP in HHH is true, whatever u do people still found a way to kill MVP faster. However, Hera and echidna is more hard to kill compare to lilith and siren after u do the update.i think is not really hard to kill them since they can kill them in about 2 min? Whos always join HHH will know this. Mayb its bcause the element lvl 4 make them receive too much multiple dmge..how about lower it to lvl 1?.. For me the hardest MVP to kill for now is Hera.She has one shot esma,defender,healing full hp if she been alone in a period time,also has magic skill which ia deal 3m per wave if player in reflect build to counter esma(i dun know whats skill is tht). Echidna quite hard bcause OP dmge from malevolent shadow skill..1 shot kill..its quite funny bcause echidna minion deal more dmge than her. And lastly Hades, for now if hera die which is make hades hp lower , two GX can kill hades in about 30mins or less...mayb 20 mins...its mean tht there is no need for party raid to kill hades..they only need hera to be killed faster by other person...its just simple like tht..THIS HAPPEN bcause hades nver change his immune to melee...its still happen until now..i can make suggestion to nerf auto sb hat in forum..since people can abuse its overwhelming damage.. but im still thinking my fren whos really depend on it to kill MVP and in PVP.. So my suggestion to make chest loot for hades actually not mean for now...mayb in future..bcause for now Hades still killable by 2 person only..same job..also with auto sb hat abuse...priority for now fix hades immune first..
  15. NewbieGuys

    Changelog ...

    GM Sadie..if u really want all players to participate in killing Hades..im suggest u make hades loot in a chest after hades killed..i saw this type of loot in other ro server..there is a world boss...most player like ranger and tank's RG killing world boss and they are all coperate together bcause only who are participate will get instance loot after killing the boss..better damager will get better loot from chest...and only players who are participate eligible to get the loot....its not like rainy loot free for all to get..i think its still not fair for other player whos not participate in killing boss to get loot..thts make them lazy to help other to kill boss..