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  1. wizzdome

    Good class for playing in android?

    Acidus drop "Treasure box" (not chest sorry)... sorry but they bring in 150k ea at npc... also grand pecos drop quite a bit of gold and i hunt there for mastella which also works faster at healing than ygg berries...
  2. wizzdome

    Good class for playing in android?

    i like to hunt treasure chests in abyss... I also find that thanatos tower pays quite a bit for loot at npc... sorry i hadnt responded I have spent the last few days frustrated trying to experiment with creating my own private server but couldnt get it the way I want it so here I am back again I would also suggest maybe finding a guild to join as there you would likely find more conversation that way... I am usually in caspen when I am not hunting mvp so if you ever see the purple girl with bright orange wings... dont be fraid to say hi... ingame name is frozen fists... forgot to mention there are also achievements for doing things in the game that pay you rewards as well... for example if you can make a forger you get 500m for your first forge... The hero quest pays off for rank c 1b rank b 2b and 5b for elite... here is a link to check out the achievements and rewards... http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Achievements that might help you a bit getting you on track... also if you vote daily for a while you can get some pretty good gear for free from voter npc... I hope it gets better for you, cause I know its hard just starting out.
  3. wizzdome

    Good class for playing in android?

    Hello, I have been playing RO since its alpha testing, and I think this server is great due to the fact that it doesnt take you months or years to level to your characters potential. This server however goes above and beyond that with quite a bit of custom content and gameplay. I am not fond of the android version of the game personally as they say its probably not up to the task of playing as smooth as on PC where it was originally designed to be played. There are lots of friendly faces and the gm staff is great and helpful. For starters you might want to experiment with a few different characters as you develop your own gameplay style. (meaning how you actually enjoy playing the game) There are quite a few ways to play... questing, mvp, woe, pvp, merchant, even just coming to the game to chat with other players. There are many guides for different classes and builds it all boils down to your personal choice. I personally love the MVP Skynet Sura build, (but I am a card collector) and find that class to suit my game play style. Welcome to the World of Ragnarok Online and the DreamerRO server, I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have over the years.
  4. wizzdome

    Panda's Guide to SURA MVP Killer (Skynet Build)

    Hey thank you for sharing this build. The equip will take me a while to get but what I have gotten so far towards this build is already letting me solo a good number of mvp's thanks... havent gotten a moonfall yet so I am using a combo battle glove with 3 abysmal knights and a dracula card for now... does a good job but definitely could use some more damage for higher mvp
  5. wizzdome

    msvcr100.dll error help!!!!!

    I just had this exact same problem had not played in a long time... My solution which I had to figure out on my own was after running the game and getting the error... go into the game install folder and find a folder called trash. (this is if you already have the visual c++ installed) you will find all the dll files that were blocked by the gepard... copy those files to Windows/SYSWOW64 (if you have x64) or Windows/System32 if you dont have x64. I had tried all these things and this was my solution. Good luck hope this helps anyone else having this problem...
  6. wizzdome

    Autoloot commands???

    thank you
  7. wizzdome

    Autoloot commands???

    is there a way to remove an item from "autoloot item ####"? Say you were hunting a quest item and you finished now you want to take that off and replace it with something else. After 20 it is full but is there a way to remove just one? Or even clear the list without having to relog?
  8. wizzdome

    Frozen... played since RO alpha...

    thanks... look forward to it
  9. Hello, I am playing RO again after a long time away from the game. I lost touch starting diablo 3, and then got drawn into a few mobile games. Now I would really like to meet some people who play on here regularly that wouldn't mind hanging out in game working on things together. I am a US player who is trying to start the Hero Quest. I have been having problems with the warp lady to draconus she keeps saying failed party not found or something like that... I have a max level sura full agi low dex high strength... Frozen Fists... I have been hanging out in caspen if anyone sees me there afk please dont be afraid to say hi or friend me... I am rather shy when it comes to meeting people but when i can get past that i am a pretty cool person to know... I have enjoyed this game for... well since before it was publicly released, and if there are any others I would love to hear about your experiences, maybe someone was in the culverts with me the night everyone was stuck on their map and a bug rose to where you could dupe your inventory so they rolled back. but thats what those tests were for lol. good times. anyhow love this server the gameplay here is nice and i hope i get a chance to meet some of you good people in the game...