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  1. So busy but I wanna play again 😞

  2. icecoolicecube

    DreamerRO Market - [@go market]

    @HaZe Will there be any chance that the DM points will have its own conversion into DROtokens?
  3. icecoolicecube


    @FaithInsanity Pm me in game IGN: Valethris
  4. icecoolicecube


  5. icecoolicecube

    Proposal to merge currencies/shops

    I guess it all boils down to the "competitiveness" of players. The effects of this update will somehow cut the time needed to procure some equipments. Such, Some old players will feel bad that new players (donators) can get the items they farmed for a loooong time in just seconds. Thats the reason for all the complaining in this update. P.S. I love the update even though im a non-donator
  6. icecoolicecube

    Proposal to merge currencies/shops

    With all the drama and shiznit happening in this Update, Can I just suggest that........ We have chairs and Tables in the Mall. A little "life" inside the mall would be cool hahahaha P.S. Love the Fountain tho
  7. Fortuna <Check>

    Hades <Next Goal><18k/60k>

  8. icecoolicecube

    Proposal to merge currencies/shops

    Quick Suggestion: Maybe we could sort of renovate the Trading House and put all the NPCs there. Kinda Fits the "Trading House" name too
  9. icecoolicecube

    Proposal to merge currencies/shops

    You can just put all the npcs in the mall. Most newbies dont even know where they can find the npcs. Example: Where can i use my Badges, Hero Coins etc etc. Maybe putting them in one place will help newbies to locate them. Edit: Deleted the "Oooooor" Cuz it sounded sarcastic hahaha
  10. icecoolicecube

    Caspen Dungeon Monster Points

    Not sure if im the only one that thinks the 5points = 1dm is incredibly low for caspen dungeon?
  11. icecoolicecube

    +50 Food & Atk/Matk Pots

  12. icecoolicecube

    Zeph vs Mining vs BG vs Bossnia Farming?

    Just my personal opinion as ive tried all those things haahha 1.) Mining is good when you have buyers for the minerals or if you are planning to forge items (This is a BIG time sink) 2.) BG allows you to get donation items after playing a lot. You can then sell those items for Zeny? Not sure if account bound (Check the bottom of BG room for the donates) 3.) Bossnia in my opinion is really good. The main PROBLEM is, You will get bored really really quick here. Its extremely Routinary. SG>Walk>SG>Walk 4.) Zeph is also Good if you get lucky with the hunt list, Some of the monsters in Zeph is extremely annoying (Frilldora, Stone Shooter, etc)
  13. icecoolicecube

    Help finding name of a headgear

    YEEEEES Thank youuu!!! been trying to find this for days.
  14. icecoolicecube

    Help finding name of a headgear

    So i found a headgear earlier this year and I cant find its name. It looks like a blue flame on the right eye. Anyone know this headgear?
  15. icecoolicecube

    +50 Food & Atk/Matk Pots

    Selling the Following : Atk Up (+300atk, 3mins) = 50m ea Matk Up (+300matk, 3mins) = 50m ea Fruit of Hercules (+50str, 3mins) = 60m ea Honey of Hermes (+50agi, 3mins) = 60m ea Tonic of Zeus (+50dex, 3mins) = 60m ea Essence of Athena (+50int, 3mins) = 60m ea Apple of Ares (+50vit, 3mins) = 60m ea Fish of Fortuna (+50luk, 3mins) = 60m ea IGN: Valethris