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  1. 1. What if a single person, has 2 units or more to use in playing for BG? (Example 1: 1 Desktop for his main, 1~2 or more laptop for sabotaging in bg, and how about in mobile?) 2. What if these group of people are friends/siblings who are playing dRO in BG, agreed to do the example 1. ( like, if the alts are on enemy side, they purposely switch to less effective gears to be squishy and deal less damage,..and if those alts are on the main character, they switch to standard gears to help). To earn those fragments fast. 3. I think, by requiring a character to be HERO at least to enter BG, would make them think before doing those stuff because of the hassle. And ofc, for promoting the server hero system feature.
  2. B>+10CA, +10 Dex Temp boots ( Large, atk%) Offer / PM me in-game: Tyrannical / Trader 01
  3. Tyrannical


    2 years? Ever since 2008 I have BADLUCK in any sort of "random chance of success/win" - refine, raffle draws, event winning, opening chest and etc. That's why in 2015, I already accepted my fate in the game not to take chances/risk...but to obtain those stuff i need through the hard way - Grinding. And when there's no Season Event, my only source of zeny is from WOE Salary. Could you imagine how long it takes for me to earn those zeny just to get 1 item? Even from the previous easter event, i got 54 raffles from my entire farm (phase 2 started), see how unlucky i am? 0/54 rares.
  4. Tyrannical

    Server Condition

    New players demand to close the gap of a months old player vs a 3, 5 or ~a decade old player in this server. How is it "fair" now for those veterans who grinded for years? considering now that they aged in real life? Like almost 30ish olds or more? with responsibilities now, with families and need to focus for real life situations? do you think they can still grind like before now that they are facing realities in life? i don't think so. I've seen players who were just around 5~6 months old, and who were really grinding... Now, probably they are 10x rich than me. The method in gearing up today was like 10x easier compare before. Which I recall farming 10k dead branches just to trade for 1 Bloody Branch... And donates before cost 10 bloody branch (100k total of dead branch to farm) if there's someone willing to trade... And there were no Daily Quest before...to gain cards/equipment's easily. It was really a hell back in the days. The problem with new players today, is that..they wanted to "KILL" immediately in PvP's despite being / having no gears at all. They make PvP characters, instead of for farming purposes. Most of the new player's DO NOT READ GUIDES. And the forum as well the players who generously contributed to make guides for newbies turns out to be useless. It's not the servers fault, they've been generous enough with the adjustments of rewards and esp during season events. New players expect to "beat every players" in the game immediately, and when they got killed easily, they'll start making excuses and saying that the server is not good. If they want a fair PvP arena / Battleground Arena, then why not bring back the Non-custom items pvp map before. Where cards and equipment's will be limited. No donates, no refine items, no enchantable items, no boss cards, no elite/hero gears. It's the only way i could think to bridge the gap of new players and vets in PVP...
  5. Im currently using "RAKK Gears" and has a macro feature separately for mouse and keyboards called "Finetuner". I usually use it during WoE's. Pros: -You can chain multiple skills + adding left click button to click/hit a target. -You can edit the delays (ms) that corresponds to your ping into the game. (let me be clear, its not 0 delay). -You can record the sequence of skills and edit the delays (ms). -You can set the skills/chained skills to cast forever / until you pressed they key button again to stop. -You can use it to every kind of games. Like FPS games to switch weapons to cut the delays/animation after firing. Not just in RO. Cons: -Exclusive for Rakk brand. too bad and I wished this could be available/applicable to non-rakk brands. The purpose of posting this, is that some players who owns this Rakk keyboards and mouse are not aware that it has its own customizable macro. And are still downloading and using other macros that could be potentially dangerous. Softwares can be downloaded on itsofficial site @https://rakk.ph/ depending on the model you owned.
  6. Tyrannical

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    I think Amon Ra Card should be better in terms of activating Kyrie because of you have to sacrifice 350 INT. Hateful bunny on the other hand, doesn't sacrifice/require INT (correct me if I'm wrong) to activate Kyrie, though has a lesser chance to activate I guess?...
  7. Tyrannical

    Which Build is best for RK?

    DB+Spiral. Since spiral deals extra damage to LARGE size monsters.
  8. Tyrannical

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Mentioning those 2 brings back my memories where i'd like to stay dead inside pvp map and enjoy watching them dancing with their enemies. Like Extraordinary doing crazy backslides with precise skills to chain ( SB, Meteor with status, grimmtooth, and even venum dust) . Had 1 also fought whose doing FO while circling you around with his reloc , and not just standing and spamming FO, if not mistaken his IGN was like "Alma m....." something. Diazespam, no question. The Fame (Sinx), had only seen few of his play but he really plays well. Figure/"Okrut' - on avalanche guild (RK) one of the RK's whom i respect . Exculpate, is one of the top sorcs around as far as i could remember. Bumping on this thread to say Hi to Fennie, never had the chance to welcome you back when u started playing again.
  9. Tyrannical

    RANGER BUILD EVENT : Corona Virus

    also use poison arrow.
  10. Tyrannical

    how hard is it to speak ENGLISH here

    I have some Indo friends. And I usually stay with them because i feel more comfortable with those guys, even though i don't understand what they are talking about... I pretend to afk sometimes only just listen (read) on their conversation. Sometimes, i google translate it for me to somehow at least to understand a little. Until some of the common few words they are using became familiar with me. It's just, I'm not anxious enough to barge in on a conversation of 2 people/group when I'm not really involved to their topic. It's only when they call my name.