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  1. Xu Xi

    Skin Color / Race Previews

    @HaZe Have edited the wiki article and added the images. http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Skin_Colors
  2. Xu Xi

    Skin Color / Race Previews

    Hey dreamers, I was unable to find the previews for the Skin Colors for each Race and ever since then I have wanted to do this guide. Thanks to @fastcar for modeling and putting up with me, to let me capture these previews. The Class of the Character shown below is a Ranger and dress worn is a Elite Sprite. Disclaimer: As per the the Class of the Character, the looks may differ. 00. Normal Human Form 01. Night Elf 02. Light Elf 03. Merman 04. Orc 05. Vampire 06. Beast 07. Dragoon 08. Demon I hope you enjoyed the previews and was able to decide on a Skin Color / Race for your Character. Good Luck
  3. Xu Xi

    Premium/Aura Stylist

    Looks good. Congrats
  4. I have posted my honest review on ratemyserver.

  5. Xu Xi

    Marin taming pet

    Yes, the Pet Food for Marin has been changed to Apple. I have confirmed it by feeding one. Thank You for saving Marin.
  6. Xu Xi

    Marin taming pet

    @HaZe The pet food item 6534 Fruit Sundae is not available in the Pet NPC at Mall, neither at any traditional NPC at morocc, payon, prontera, ruins, etc... Kindly make it available or change the Pet Food for Marin to Pet Food, thank you. Save Marin.
  7. Xu Xi

    What's your Hogwarts house?

    I took it long ago and I was sorted into the Hufflepuff House. Hufflepuff Forever.
  8. Xu Xi

    Ingame Bugs

  9. Xu Xi

    I am back

    Thanks Ann. Thanks Ethan. Glad to be back. Yes, Yes, Thank You for your assistance Feurille. Thanks Cross.
  10. Xu Xi

    I am back

    Thank You Rios. It was nice meeting you in-game too. Thank You. I have messaged HaZe regarding the same. Thank You Confusion. Be Safe.
  11. I am in the process of downloading the new 2020 Client. Finished downloading, installed and using it currently. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to test. I have noticed few glitches, please see the Screenshots attached: