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  1. Luxox

    looking for a social guild

    Any admin who can close this topic? already found a home and thanks in advance
  2. Luxox

    Simple macro for skill spam

    Same thing, since you can assign skills on letters (press f12 to open 4 rows + esc button > BM settings) However be warned, it also affects regular typing at least for me it does lol
  3. Luxox

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    Samee here, however even if the NPC states you can only create 1 I still input the quantity base on manual computation and it still works (ex. NPC states 1 but I can input 18 and receive 18). It could be a minor bug though, hopefully it gets fixed
  4. literally started yesterday, any social guilds with a slot for a newbie? thank you in advance
  5. first off, for any admin there please correct my topic placement. I wasn't sure if to place in guide request or question and answer. (thank you and apologies in advance, I recently joined and couldn't decide where to place it) I was looking around and most of the guides I saw for genetics were way back 2015 up to late September 2019. I was wondering if there was an updated guide for 2020? along with the 3rd job and Homumculus AI guides (the AIs were way back 2015-2018)