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  1. InvisibleMan


    Put in Jesus equips Jesus's Balmung ultimate weapon.
  2. InvisibleMan

    RO 4th JOB

    https://imgur.com/ZWC2eYX I wonder when will this be implemented in DRO if I see a high rate server who have these implemented I will try it right away!
  3. InvisibleMan

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    IDK seems like the GM's don't care on PVP balancing at all the Ninja Damage is still IMBA I tried dueling a Ninja Abuser in the Server His damage is fkn 300k per cast even with DEFENDER SKILL 100% range attack reduction plus balanced def and Demi-human resist. Oh well at this point I don't think anything will happen and be fixed with PvP balance ever in this Server let's just accept the fact that this is their limit on balancing Jobs they can never be as balanced as the real Servers. This Server's PvP is not to be taken Seriously it will never be better than Low rate and Mid rate Servers in terms of balance.
  4. InvisibleMan

    Greymap and Simplified Skills

    RIP for this guy
  5. InvisibleMan

    DreamerRO Observation

    @PTE00 well no matter how big you are 1 bullet is all I need. I'm a Gun Specialist. I saw a video of a big bad MMA fighter probably on Meth trying to bully a small Thai Police man then the Thai Police Man shot him in the head 1 bullet then his head splattered. His brain is all over the floor pretty graphic. All He was able to do is to move for a few sec then stopped. The lesson is use your brain before you act tough lol!
  6. InvisibleMan

    Eremes Scarf

    buy mine for 20b
  7. InvisibleMan

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    they're not stackable I tried a long time ago
  8. I want the sleip bear power 70b
  9. InvisibleMan

    Pro Tip: How To Be Rich

    farming IRL is making me poor in DRO.
  10. InvisibleMan

    Elite Weapons Update 2017

    We need to update remake RG's spear make it Hard Def or Demi Human resistance instead of range. That 7% magic reflect doesn't make sense seems like it's a joke how bout switching it with more HP since RG's are suppose to be Tankiest class in the game. Ranger's Falcon Dagger boosting Claymore trap that does no damage make it boost the cast range of rangers casting traps or increase the range of FA with it. Since it's called Falcon dagger. At least We can use traps from a safe distance instead of going on the enemy's face to eat damage and die. Remember Ranger's power is their range We have no escape skills.
  11. InvisibleMan

    S N I F F U P - S H O P

    Orc Hero Cards
  12. InvisibleMan

    Buy & Sell

  13. InvisibleMan

    Buy & Sell

  14. InvisibleMan

    Buy & Sell

    18b for +9 Blue polar
  15. InvisibleMan


    nah I can do whatever I want! you will never sell those with those prices I'm sure lol!