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  1. dROGOAT

    B> New Shits

    Contaminated Magic need many Shotgun Buffalo Bandit card Realized Amdarais card Enhanced Skeleton card Power Insignia leave price or message me here thanks
  2. dROGOAT

    HHH Sorcerer Farming Guide

    it sad to know that there are other players usin lightning bolt as main bolt.. i tried it and it sucks cos there are 2 wind type phantom inside.. yeah heaven drive helps but it kinda slow well maybe we all hav our own builds to use xd just shared mine so ppl hav option they made phantoms chance to change water element for a reason and that is because of this cold bolt spam build
  3. dROGOAT

    HHH Sorcerer Farming Guide

    you just sacrifice 1 slot for boosting lightning bolt.. i observed ths past few days that the mention phantoms are not the only ones changing to water, others too so i think my suggestion is good overall cold bolt still hav more dmg cos of elite glove 10% boost it best to kill those OP dmg phantom fast than others so you rarely die i prefer havin +10 rustic (fworm larva card) so youll hav sum resist and matk boost but expensive XD
  4. dROGOAT

    HHH Sorcerer Farming Guide

    i think it best if you replace 1 siroma with gem of lightning so you can kill them OP Phantom Xel / Tsuchie,Alahia (change element to water sometimes) fast before they kill u XD i suggest this cos you dont hav much redux/resist + the drawback of bototh/evalach hurt if no +10 rustic/garment maybe this can be alternative Elite Asprika (+15% resist to all) + Gioia card (+50% wind and ghost magic dmg, -15% resist to all) then 2 siroma on accessory
  5. dROGOAT

    Instance Walkthrough [Horror Factory]

    +9 hero aura with fused pharaoh card you might need if you cant use frus card in armor
  6. bought already thanks
  7. dROGOAT


    what enchant AOT? and how much?
  8. dROGOAT

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    i dont have nothing to say anymore i just kinda found funny what i read here in this topic about balancing. Ranger anyways have no future even in 3rds since 3rds Traps already got nerfed even before i create my ranger it gonna be played as SS forever with the balanced Temporal Boots of Luck XD
  9. dROGOAT

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    im searchin about ninja and rebellion topics just because 3rds are now enabled and i think server is gonna be focusing on 3rds soon then i read this.. i just remembered how you open a topic about FA dmg balancing.. i think no one think of the situation about FA in wars scenario back then cos it is a war hence AoE SS skill is a better choice well i already moved on and somehow thankful about it cos it made me realize a lot of things in this game suri not suri -jisoo
  10. dROGOAT

    Glorious Weapon Update

    why it not workin on spiral? if it effect is like TG card?
  11. dROGOAT

    Is the flee build dead?

    enchanted garments like giant snake skin (+50flee max), pet (+50flee), temporal boots agi (if agi = 350+ then +15%flee) now can be enchanted Speed(+50flee) new shotgun buffalo card for accessory (+75flee) and accessory queen of abyss flash insignia (+100flee) thats just the new ones i can think off
  12. hahah this one of the reason trappers/FA type ranger is dead. how can you call it a trap when you can clearly see it already just type in "trap" "falcon assault" in search box and youll see how it got killed XD
  13. dROGOAT

    Easter Rare Poll 2021

    Oblivion it iz