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    I don't know with what audacity of yours to make such a claim. Players spent hours and hours grinding for zeph, scaven and event to earn merit points for their guild to be entitled as the honorable guild, and you're just here saying that these guilds cheated. Gosh, make up your mind or perhaps put some common sense/effort into your mind instead of being a green-eyed monster. Don't deny effort of hardworking players by claiming they're cheating when you're just being jealous and lazy.
  2. JamieLim

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    I second this by vodka, I'm a zeph farmer myself (doing 1-2 zephs per hour myself), finishing zephs in 4-40 mins, depending on the difficulty. Since you mentioned 20+ characters in an hour, that's like less than 3 minutes per zeph, baseless accusation? exaggeration? or you mind to exhibit to us on this? Just because you're busy, lazy, not being creative or not having any time to play, so you decides that some really hardworking players should their effort denied? Like what vodka said, if those players can spend the effort to farm that much in few hours, why can't you?
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    Bump for new item.
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    Buying Fortuna Card DM my inbox ya or pm my ign Jamie Lim
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    Elite Hero Quest Guide

    Hi, is there any advice or tips for beginner warlock to kill evil spirit in time? ><