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  1. Sleepi_Head

    New here and stopping by to say hello!

    Thank you guys! I'm still re-learning how to do everything in the game so it might take me a second to figure out how to connect with people. Is there a discord or something I can join? Maybe I'm blind lol. I'm just doing quests to get zeny and going from there! Thank you for the welcomes. All love, Sleepi
  2. Hello everyone here is a little about myself, I'm deciding to make this topic as an introduction to myself. With Covid-19 on the lose I've found myself feeling lonely and without contact from friends. I've decided to come back to the RO private server scene because when I was younger RO was my introduction to friends online along with some of my best memories. I played private servers for many years before life had other plans for me. I'm in the process of installing the game now and would love to maybe meet up or befriend some people once I get my bearings straight. I'm a 27 year old male living in the united states. I love writing poetry and short story allegories. I'm very introverted and have trouble socializing on and off the web. Anxiety and depression are a part of my life and I figured building a new friend base on a game I love could help with these issues. I've read many good things about this server and heard the community was awesome! So, I hope to have fun and build friendships in the future. With pain comes understanding, from understanding comes love, and with love you can find peace! That's something I've come to realize in my life through hardship and struggles. Thank you those who are reading this and I hope you all have a beautiful day. With love, Sleepihead