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  1. MoonBrew

    Server Condition

    Are you aware of this or is it not working :
  2. MoonBrew

    Server Condition

    As a relative newbie, what decides BG participation for me is the gear difference between teams. I don't enjoy dying again and again to the same guy with better gear than me. So I prefer to wait till I have max gear. I am looking for skill/build matchups and not rarity I guess. I don't know how well the rank system works and whether it allows for even teams based on rating. Gear cost being between 300-400b seems impressive for a 12 year old server considering how easy it is to farm 10b. If pvp were a bit more active I believe the combat coin system will solve the zeny and gear problems.
  3. MoonBrew

    House of Trials

    Is this event gone?
  4. Both those skills are disabled in pvp/BG. Besides, like I said Rolling Cutter already do 1mil at +4 upgrade. Are you new? Your forums account doesn't seem new.
  5. Rolling cutter is best for mvp hunting. You can reach 1m damage each hit with elemental bonus and elite katar.
  6. MoonBrew

    Updated Mining Script

    If you have discord we can try a few things. Try using WinGet WinGet id, , ahk_exe dreamerro.exe
  7. MoonBrew

    Updated Mining Script

    Only thing I can think of is that the script needs elevation. Put the following code somewhere in the beginning before the hotkeys if not (A_IsAdmin) MsgBox Script is not in admin Run and see if the message pops up.
  8. MoonBrew


    Can confirm that this build still works and does amazing. With auto-pot macro, I was able to mob 10 at a time and kill 1500 in an hour. Only changes I made was to use Exile Armor instead of Lord's Tunic as the endure auto-casts where spamming and making my character unresponsive. Poison resistance is way more useful as some mob always keeps poisoning you. Use Fused Eddga in the boots to get endure. At least +5 range(+2X2 from 2XShamshirs and +1 from Icicle) is needed to reach all the mobs while getting hit-locked. I also use Incantation Samurai card and was hitting around 40k crit damage. 190 crit-rate is enough to kill. I was wondering if I could use dual katars and if the offhand katar cards would work like offhand dagger ones do. It would save putting so many points in luk but PD definitely helps.
  9. MoonBrew

    Updated Mining Script

    Another way to check if the script is running is to press F2 to start the mining, then press Alt+Tab and release Tab but keep Alt held down. The script will press Enter at some point and select the currently highlighted window in the Alt-Tab screen. If the script is definitely running but doing nothing in Dreamer RO window: Make sure you started the script by right clicking the script file and selecting "Run as Administrator". Make sure the chat box is active with /bm off. The only difference between v1 and v2 is that v2 uses ControlGet and ControlSend.
  10. MoonBrew

    Updated Mining Script

    Run the script and open a txt file in notepad and press `. If the script is running nothing should appear.
  11. MoonBrew

    Updated Mining Script

    Am assuming, since your own script is working for Dreamer RO, that you are running my script as admin and that its not a setup issue. Open Window Spy and click on a Dreamer RO window and confirm that under ahk_exe its dreamerro.exe If you want to disable SendInput just comment the line on top with a '; '
  12. MoonBrew

    Updated Mining Script

    Press Esc and click on BM/Shortcut Settings. Then click on the Macro tab.
  13. MoonBrew

    a bunch of questions xD

    I haven't tried the LK card or combining range and splash. Seems viable.
  14. MoonBrew

    a bunch of questions xD

    I believe spells are better than crit type (probably because we can spam them with 0 delay). I have seen Meteor Assault GX in pve and Soul Breaker type in PVP.
  15. MoonBrew

    a bunch of questions xD

    I have used ranged gears and haven't seen damage changing. You can use warlock if you want to stick to one class. This was the latest mvp related guide I could find. The keys things are ignore 100% boss mdef and +50% magic damage shoe cards like namely Fallen Bishop Hibram and Nightmare Amon Ra. There are some useful tips at the end of this guide. There are other classes that can also mvp, honestly don't know which is best. I thought GX was best but it does around 300k per hit rolling cutter which seems only good for classic mvps. RG can do 1m per hit with sacri and just Tao Gunka+variants but seems to not have splash. Don't fall into the trap of spending 400m to make 100m. But its ok if you want to experience everything.