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  1. hz369

    Hero Quest Guide

    ...oh i definitely did not buy them
  2. hz369

    Hero Quest Guide

    ppl selling warrior's skull for 100m each, the cheapest popped up is 21m each... inflation here is scary o.o
  3. hz369

    a bunch of questions xD

    i guess i saw this build: Caspen SinX - GX Berserk Build / Splash Build - Job Guides - DreamerRO's Community (playdreamerro.com) and it looked pretty awesome. this one also mentioned to go for dex, but it is a older post so i guess that might have been patched.
  4. hz369

    a bunch of questions xD

    nice, im using a warlock now, but gx might be my spirt animal, do you think a crit gx build would work? there seems to be a lot of gears around crit builds. maybe with a auto sb or drain hp hat?
  5. hz369

    a bunch of questions xD

    hi, hi, so i was looking a the valentine event gears and i realized there is 2 head gears that both have auto cast sonic blow of course there is also the punk beanie in the v4p shop. are they all the same? lv of the skill and cast chance? the descriptions are different. and is auto sonic blow build no longer viable since i read that it was patched some time ago. and the gears that give + range, does that mean if you make a build with range gears then dex becomes more important than str i think i read in a guide that was the case but due to a bug? finally what's the best pve/mvp class/build? if you can point me to a guide that is still relevant that would be awesome, there are so many that the more i read the more confused as to which route to take. tyty
  6. hz369

    Valentines Event 2021 - Phase 3

    does this mean we have until March 7th to use the v tokens or loose it?
  7. retarded question am i supposed to sell the items to npc or make a shop using a merchant? sorry haven't played this game for over 10 years xD if im supposed to sell them to players what are the prices on these items? ty ty
  8. thanks bro! hero quest here i come!
  9. where do i find these items? sorry havent played this game for 10+ years, everything is alien to me now xD