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  1. Hi All, I just wanting putforward a suggestion. When we are clicking on the link for V4p we get a pop-up as to just review us on RMS. Can't you give this pop-up to only those people who haven't reviewed in RMS by tracking their account by administrator. This is just a suggestion, I thought could help better customer experience.
  2. anurag14


    Hey brother , I used to play Talon before dreamerRO but when I joined DRO 2 weeks back I had nothing at all. Few people here and there helped me build my char and told me about the Easter event. I farmed a lot and got a lot of token from which I could already build my char. You have an awesome support team here just keep playing , and just take what comes your way. I hope you find luck next time. I had 41 raffle did not get one rare but it is all based on luck bro. All the best