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  12. [ Currently Open For Recruitment ] Level 500 Geared Must be WoE Active at least two of the three WoE English Speaking Respect and Be Friendly with Guildies No begging or asking for items/zeny repeatedly No killing guildies. Except they ask for duel/ experiment No killing Allies. If they hurt you, try your best to tell them that you're an ally. No racism will be tolerated Listen to orders Remember, we're a family! Help each other! Should you wish to join the guild, message any of the members listed below: Vulcan Canon Ù Shenlong Ù Gorosei Title or ask any No Fear member who has invite power to Invite you , or post a reply with your [Character Name] and [Job]. Acceptance will be based on the entrance test and job priority at one point of time Base : Izlude (Go 5) Support Arch Bishop Royal Guard Devotion Ranger Trapper Support Sorcerer Support/Attacker Biochemist None at the moment Right click, Copy image url, and paste it into your profile's Signature TO BE UPDATED Best viewed on 'Dreamer Dark' theme of the forum.
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    Hero Quest Guide

    Dreamer RO Hero Quest is a unique Quest in dRO that allows your character to have additional stats and skill points after reaching level 500, It's like rebirthing your character once again. It also gives you the ability to wear stronger rank equipments. Once you are the highest level (500). Warp using the Main NPC (You can find this NPC in each town into the game. Choice Hero Temple option and you will be warped into Ayo_in02 100 166 Once you are here you must talk with Sigmund NPC he Will give you the list of ITEMS that you need collect for do the Hero Quest (You have the list items in Sigmund NPC in case that you need check if you forgot some item. Items hard to obtaine 1 Draconus Cale 10 pcs Biotite ( check @whosell biotite on gold_mart) 100 Warrior Skull (This can be obtained in PvP by killing Players Tradeable: Yes, in case you have some providor 10 pc of each Thanatos Fragment Botites: You can also find some mobs dropping this ítem alde_dun04 = 60 to 90 minutes gefenia01 = 180 to 300 minutes gefenia02 to 04 = 300 to 540 minutes gl_cas02 = 120 to 180 minutes gl_knt02 = 30 to 50 minutes SUGGESTION: Try to buy from another Players or in gold_mart by using @whosell biotite command. Warrior Skull: Again here is better and faster to buy from another Players. Cost is about 1 or 2 millions zeny each Also is dropped by seyren in lhz_dun03 Warrior Skull Description: Is a skull in wich someone named has been curved. 10 pcs Of each Thanatos fragment This fragment are now tradeable from Players. Fragment of hatred ID 7438 Fragment of Despair ID 7439 Fragment of Agony ID 7436 Fragment of misery ID 7437 [Use @ii item name to check IDs ] Draconus Scale Draconus Scale is dropped by a customized MvP this ítem is character bound It can’t be trade or stored. There are 2 types of Draconus the Hardest one is that you can find in Magma dungeon 02 You can't go there using @warp, You must use Main NPC>>>Warper Option>>>Dungeon>>>Magma Dungeon 2 Estimated respawn time : 3 Hours. Hero temple Draconus: The easy> If you choice to kill this Draconus you need to pay 1b Zeny (1 billion) and make a party Solo mode, this mean you must to be alone in your party. Here you need to talk to the lady [Ayo_in02 92 172] At hero temple this dungeon is unlimited access (Until you become a Hero ). She will warp you until to the weaker version of Draconus. ATTENTION: Dungeon Will destroyed when you obtain Draconus Scale. NOTE: Is not very weak. Just way weaker than the one in mag_dun02. After obtaining all of the requirements go back to Sigmund, Talk to him and he will rebirth you to Hero class. Level 1 and you will need to level up again You will receive: +2500 Stats points +180 Skill Points +Hero Aura ( 3x3 Splash. 3% atk and matk lower headgear. Crafting your glourious equipments After becoming a Hero talk to Sigmund again, he Will mention the blacksmith at Einbroch @warp ein_in01 28 85 once here talk to Regin, He Will take the rest of Hero Quest ítems. He will tell you to wait to him to create the Items You MUST wait 2 hours Online in order for him to finish. [Not necesary requirement. You can go out of the portal and back inside again and you will be allowe to create your glorious equipments] y RANKING YOUR HERO CHARACTER. All new héroes Will start at Rank D. Here are the ways to increase your Rank: · Monster Arena (Reginleft NPC) · PvP · Caspen Dungeon · Trial of Glory Monster Arena is the fastest way to Rank your Hero. It is a map full of monsters and you only need to kill them repeatedly. To access Monster Arena you need to finish first The Heavenly Flower Quest~ Go to @warp Lighthalzen 40 240 and talk to the NPC named Heimir. He Will ask you to fin dan Item called Heaven Flower Heaven Flower can be found in [odin_tem03] in 3 possible random locations: This is not a 100% drop rate. So if you don't get the Heaven Flower, you need to reset back to Heimer. NOTE: When you click the flower 2 LK’s Will spawn kill them as fast as you can to obtain the flower. Until to obtain the Heaven Flower you need back with Heimir. He will ask you about 200 point of honor kills (Not necesary requirement) Just return Hero Temple and you will be avaliable to talk with Reginleif NPC and rank your character. Ranking in WEAPONS/PVP/WoE Hero Rank C Talk to Reginleif to unlock rank C equipment & monster arena, then she'll ask you to meet Hildebrand at [lighthalzen 256 122]. He'll give you a 'Peridot', then go to BS Regin [ein_in01 28 85] and he will ask you to bring the following: List is formated in : Quantity - Item - Obtain  100 - Steel - Sold in Mall 20 - Emperium - Sold in Mall 10 - Star Crumb - Sold in Mall 10 - Elunium - Sold in Mall 10 - Oridecon - Sold in Mall 1 - Heroic Peridot - A quest 20,000,000 - Zeny - Zeph/Selling items/ETC B Rank Hero Requirements:- 48,500,000 Hero EXP to change to B Rank Now that you're Rank B, the hard stuff's over. It's time to make your equipment quest! Before starting this quest, I'd pick up all these items first: § List is formated in : Quantity - Item - Obtain 100 - Biotite - Mysteltainn (alde_dun04, gefenia01-04, gl_cas02, gl_knt02) 500 - Steel - Juperos Monsters (juperos_01, juperos_02, jupe_core) Or Mall 20 - Oridecon - Juperos Monsters (juperos_01, juperos_02, jupe_core) Or Mall 20 - Elunium - Juperos Monsters (juperos_01, juperos_02, jupe_core) Or Mall 20 - Star Crumb - Mall 1 - Emblem Of the Sun God - Soul Taker (casp_dun01) 20,000,000 - Zeny - B RANK EQUIPMENT MAKING GUIDE: Clear Trial of Glory Arena at least once . Talk to Reginleif, the girl that informs you about your Rank at the Hero Waiting Room. Tell her to unlock your B Rank equipment and she'll tell you to go to Payon in search of an old man named Vadum, whose location is [payon 129 178]. He'll be surprised when you talk to him, and he'll tell you he can't help you, but maybe his son can. However, he asks for some donations first... Cough up 100k zenny and he'll tell you his son is roaming in [pay_fild09]. Okay, let's warp! I can't tell you where Vioga is, he's like the new Vagrant Merchant. Looks like a player and moves around its map. However, there's a possibility this NPC likes roaming the middle part of the field. Once you find the knight, just hold Shift and Click him once. He'll start talking about his stuff and telling you he dropped an important item. He asks you to help him and when you accept, the quest begins!  You've got 5 mintues to find a special Poporing. It will be bouncing around the middle, too. There's NO WAY to tell any difference from other Poporings. Just make sure you're @autoloot'ing. One of the Poporings you kill will cough up a so before the 5 minutes are up, just return to where Vioga was. (Don't worry, he'll be standing over there and won't move. Just make sure to write his coords down to make it faster) and give him his item. He will be most grateful and give you the last item you need! After you're given just make sure your item list is okay and matches the one I gave above, plus the item Vioga gave you. All good? Last step then! Go to Regin (the smith you've visited before to make your D rank and C rank equipment) and tell him you want more equipment! He'll take your items and 20,000,000 zenny and give you choices depending on your Job. Choose wisely! You can only get ONE!  Caspen Dungeon Caspen Doungeon is a customized dRO dungeon. Each monster kill gives you Hero experience too. It is not an average dungeon even for veterans. It is not very advisable to rank your character here unless you are a Guillotine Cross. Trial Of Glory Trial Of Glory is like an arena with 10 levels each level have certain amouth of time to be defeated, It gives experience upon finishing each level, Aditional exp for completing it.