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      Nerf incoming 😛

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      omg time to go to that team 😛

  2. Jean

    B> Bone of Ullr

  3. Jean

    B> Bone of Ullr

    Buying it for a fair price... Leave name here, pm me here or ingame F u R a i. Much appareciated
  4. Jean

    Kinship! :D

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  6. Ge in race with a huge lead... I am not happy right now >_>

  7. How do I report the easter treasure chest? it scammed me out of 12 pure ori 🙂

    1. Ethan Gray

      Ethan Gray

      What’d you get from a +10 key

    2. Jean


      nothing of great value hahahaha thats all I gotta say hahaha

    3. Irish Heart

      Irish Heart

      people should stay away from unlucky people unless they want to be infected with bad luck. LMAO.

  8. Jean

    Easter Rare Poll 2021

    Blood Raven looks so good but Noxious blade... oh my lord
  9. Jean

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    Just do more runs and get more loot
  10. Jean

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    HERE WE GO !!!
  11. For SL a complete revamp of the current elite weapon Anima (book) has to be made, it's current state is beyond useless. Jupitel thunder is useless, the sleep % to proc is horrendous and for surviving anyone with half a brain would still use Alacritas due to the many benefits of the weapon. My preferred version of the weapon would be something for pvp and pve since Soul Linkers has that flexibility option. Current Anima Effects My Preffered Version of the Weapon ***Matk + 300, Vit + 20 Max Hp 8-9-10% Reduce After Cast Delay 15% Increase damage of esma 20-25-30% 1% Chance of casting level 1 Mind Breaker on self when using magical attacks Base Matk 10% (was 18) Level 4 Effect Enable the use of level 10 Meteor Storm *** Replaced Int for Matk and lowered base matk % since in theory the damage could reach around 1/3 of the damage a GX can do and we don't want that no no no PROS: Better than Staff of sentinel ( no reason why this staff should be the best weapon for the class for pve...it's a rank B weapon jeeeeesh ) Will give SL a more useful skill for pvp at level 4 which will also be affected by Mind Breaker hence the 1% chance of casting Will increase their overall viability for pve (HHH, instances, farming in general) CONS: Players would have to get it to level 4 in order to have Meteor Storm but you can just farm the kills at HHH , Pvp maps and use scrolls. Elite Kills shouldnt be a problem nowadays. Players would have to get both weapons ( one defensive and one offensive ) The changes that im suggesting to make to the weapon would not affect the current meta at all if you are thinking "BOOHOO SL WILL BE OP NOW"...no *slaps you*... stuped. This will only increase their overall viability for pvp and pve a little bit ( makes them a less useless class ) Put my time into thinking it over since I was bored but still I know its going to get a hard no since he really cares about SL they are just eska bots for instances now. I should just suggest a ring that gives All stat +10 max hp 3% and enable the use of level 1 eska and just delete the class already
  12. Jean

    Easter Event Gains

    Lucky stars, abyss demon scythe, spring cape and the librarian book of thunder... those are MUST GET items in my opinion
  13. Jean

    Easter Event Gains

    I didnt get that many since what I really wanted was the Lucky Stars but in total I got: Infernal wolf set, Lucky Stars, Librarian book of thunder , Dragon Skull helm (for the lols) , 2 purple blade aura , Abyss demon scythe and some other ones I cant remember There are some people that has farmed 20x more than me during this event