**This is not included in the guide creation contest. Devs are not allowed to join because they will join the judging. Staff Project. Since I can't really update Nada To Prada Guide anymore (the new forum ruined it) I decided to make a new one for our newbies. This one is purely dedicated to our newbies, especially for those who are still downloading the game. This will be a long guide and it will include guides on how to become a hero later. - I. Leveling - II. Gearing and Farming - III. Road To Hero   I. Leveling [ Start of a New Adventure ] II. GEARING and GAINING

0. Achievement System

I want to edit this with spoiler but it keeps on getting bugged eating the other spoiler so I'll just put the link here for the announcement. Knowing how to utilize the achievement system will help you double your gain by doing the key features of the game.   1.  Returner Set (Understanding Returner's Set) 2. Questable Headgears 3. Vote For Points 4. Zeph Quest, Daily Quest and Scavenger Hunt 5. Mining and Forging 6. Battleground 7. Automated Events and GM Hosted Events. 8. WoE Jobs 9. Gift Box 10. Deadbranching 11. MVP Hunting