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Elite Weapon Expert

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@HaZeNext step is delete HHH Event and then add Heroic Coin drop chance in Regular Hero Arena 😎

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On 11/17/2018 at 3:00 AM, 500kfirst said:

it removes entire idea why haze did this..
The main purpose of this is to lower the prices of Dtoks and control the ecomony little by little by doing a zenny Shrink and giving more power to zenny..

Right now its 1 DTOK = 3b.. if we need more zennies than DTOK now then the price of Zenny would go up. Thus all prices would go back to its normal prices. Not completely but it will add up.

1 DTOK IS 3b?!?! I need to come out of retirement!

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On 11/17/2018 at 8:02 AM, HaZe said:

Greetings Dreamers!

If you visit the Elite Temple you will notice a new NPC called Elite Weapon Expert. The NPC offers a few new services that will shorten the time and effort it takes to master your Elite Weapons at the cost of Zeny.

Services Offered:

Purchasing of Elite Weapons

The NPC will allow our Elite Heroes to purchase additional Elite Weapons for a flat fee of 300 Billion Zeny or an Elite Weapon Scroll from the Division Shop. There is a max limit of 2 Elite Weapons that can be purchased from this NPC, raising the number of elite weapons a character can hold from 2 to 4. The NPC will allow you to buy these weapons even if you have not yet completed the quests to get your 2nd weapon.

Rank Up Elite Weapons

The NPC offers our Elite Heroes the opportunity to rank up their Elite Weapons for a small fee. The current cost is 1 Billion Zeny for a total of 50 Elite Weapon Kills. As you may know, it takes 12,000 Elite Weapon kills to max out your weapon. This means that you can go from 0 to level 4 for 240 Billion Zeny. The service is anonymous, convenient, and it is sure to save you a ton of time if you have enough Zeny.

Max Refine Weapons

The NPC offers the opportunity to refine your Elite Weapon (or any other weapon) to the max refine of +10. The service costs a flat fee of 100 Billion Zeny. This service is not only convenient, but also very affordable if you compare it to the typical way of refining weapons.


With the addition of this NPC we aim to accomplish many benefits.

  • It will sink a lot of Zeny from newbies and veterans alike.
  • The reduction of Zeny roaming the server will reduce the price of virtually every item on the server, making core items more affordable and accessible to our newbies.
  • It will enable new ways for our newbies to advance in the game without having to fight against groups of veterans.
  • It will increase overall activity by giving players a way to advance in the game via PvM and other Zeny farming techniques.
  • It will enable veterans to jump-start a new character and try new classes without having to spend months ranking up.
  • It will increase donations to the server as players donate for tokens to sell them for Zeny. (Also decreasing d. token prices and making donation more affordable to newbies)

We understand that this update also has a few drawbacks such as decreasing PvP activity and shortening the effort players have to endure to become elites. We are not too worried about PvP since right now activity is rather low even without the npc.

There is also a chance the npc may actually increase PvP activity as veterans farm DM points and Heroic Points to exchange for Zeny. It may also allow new players to jump-start and join PvP before they quit as a result of ganging. We also have plans to replace the Hero Happy Hours event but that's another topic.

  1. The prices are under observation and may change at any time without prior notice.
  2. There are no refunds or exchanges if you buy the wrong weapon or max refine the wrong weapon.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated, but please keep an open mind about the changes!

although we rank up the weapon to 12k kills, still need to be major for this to take effect right? if so, instead of spending zeny here, better to rank up in HHH since to be major in division is quite tough as well. need to spend some times. 


major required the seal of honor and 40k exp? then the level 4 Weapon will take effect? @HaZe

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